Chicago, IL - Student Testimonials

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“OTA gave me a vocabulary to understand, communicate and I learned from successful professional traders/investors. While the learning for me is ongoing, the instructors themselves are continuing to learn and pass down their knowledge. There is no stagnancy in the markets, nor in learning, nor at OTA. Cutting edge doesn't even begin to explain it. I wish I had discovered/taken these classes years ago.”

“At first I was hesitating in joining the Academy, and let me tell you now, I think it is the best decision I have ever made! Counselor did great job in showing the value of the education and instructor did great job in bringing that education to me. I am excited I joined the team and I am ready to dive deep in the world of the financial markets. OTA thank you.”

“The classes are a strong commitment of time and process of a lot of information. The support OTA gives their students once they have completed a class, however, is very extensive and complements your classes completely. The videos break it down into minute detail, so you don't feel like you're "twisting in the wind." You walk away from a class with a good grasp of the basics, and it's up to you as to how far you want to take it, and OTA always has your back, from administration to student support, to instructor. The environment is very friendly and welcoming. You definitely feel a part of a community and encouraged to make it your own! You end up loving everyone involved.”

“OTA has an exceptional support system for every student. It continues after you leave the classrooms.”


“My experience at OTA has been very informative, enlightening and enjoyable. The staff makes the experience easy. The platform and resources are very people friendly. I am happy that I have invested in this education. This education is far more valuable than any other.”

“The content of the class is very solid, and the programs are good for students to learn hands-on experience.”

“I just want to say that attending Online Trading Academy has been, hands down, one of the best decisions I've ever made. They have great instructors. All OTA personnel are the best; these people inspire me to be the best I can with this knowledge. I look forward to making this a 2nd career.”

“I learned both concepts and the mechanics of execution during the time I spent in the classroom at OTA. I learned a lot that would have been hard to learn any other way that I am aware of.”

“OTA’s class was an eye-opening experience in learning how the markets actually work. I was always on the wrong side of the whales in the game. It is nice to be swimming in the same direction now. Our instructor, Craig, was very good and patient in communicating the process for success.”

“Thank you to everyone at OTA Chicago for a great experience. The entire team at OTA works hard to deliver a successful program. The support is there in the classroom (instructor and supporting OTA staff) and outside of the classroom (the rest of the OTA team).”

“I am glad I made the decision to embark on this education at Online Trading Academy. All of the staff are friendly and very helpful in the learning process. I feel like I am part of a new community of like-minded individuals who are teaching me a tool that will impact my life forever. If you want to learn from people who know what they are doing, this is a great place to start your trading journey!”

“The staff, assistants, owner and instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. I have a much better grasp of concepts and understanding of trading.”

“The Online Trading Academy-Chicago team were all so personable and helpful.”

“This course was amazing, potentially life changing. Chris was an awesome instructor. He did a great job making things easy to understand and easy to follow. Nick, who was the Student Support Specialist, was a big help as I was having a hard time getting used to CliK during the first couple of days. He gave me some pointers and was always checking up on me to make sure I was making progress.”

“I recommend this class for anyone who is seeking a structured learning experience. The class saves the learner’s time and money weeding through the internet-biased mountain of information. This is the place to get real education.”

“The staff is highly commended for their friendliness, knowledge and eagerness to help us. I love everyone at OTA, especially Nick.”

“The Core Program is fascinating. I am excited to continue on with Core XLT and the options program. Everyone is very helpful, and they really want you to succeed at trading. There’s an abundance of learning tools for your use.”

“I came into this school knowing absolutely nothing about trading. In this class we learned so much and after 5 days I left the class knowing how to place trades. I'm excited to practice the technique taught in class to gain experience. I can’t wait for what's coming for me as a professional trader. Online Trading Academy is a GREAT!!! school.”

“The curriculum is top notch and the instructors are amazing! All employees and support staff are helpful.”

“I enrolled with OTA with high expectations and I actually had doubts about the whole program, but I really wanted to learn how to become a profitable trader. So, I enrolled and sure enough my expectations were met and my journey of becoming a full time trader is coming to reality thanks to OTA!!!!”

“I was very skeptical about the program's ability to consistently demonstrate a successful and repeatable process. So glad to be proved wrong.”

“I have been an OTA student for 3 years now. Just having the ability to go back and retake the courses however how many times you want to is awesome. Retaking the class with a new way of looking at trends has made me a better student. I have a better understanding of trends now than I did before. I can't wait to apply my new added knowledge.”

“I tried to "figure out" trading on my own with no success. Although I learned the "lingo" there was no real understanding of market movement. OTA helped me separate the trash from the treasure and helped me to read the markets with tremendous accuracy and helped me get a trade plan in place to be a smart trader.”

“OTA Chicago is a professional school that does a great job at teaching trading and how to be successful with their process on how they read and time the market for success!”

“The class was very enlightening. The instructor, Craig, was always willing to repeat himself and address questions at any time. The staff demonstrate a real desire to help and support their students. ”

“Online Trading Academy is a game changer. The knowledge I have learned is priceless. You will never find a program to give you the tools and foundation to make it in the trading world quite like this. The curriculum was well put together. The staff and instructors were engaged and by your side through it all. The Chicago campus was outstanding!”

“I truly thought that I was a reasonably above average trader before OTA, but now OTA has opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong for the past couple of years. Thank you OTA!”

“Personally, I have been to 3 other trading schools before OTA. All of the schools had great information. The problem was the presentation of the information, the follow up of the information and the breadth of the information presented. Some of the schools gave a 2-3 day seminar at the most, if you were lucky, perhaps a 20 page book. The information was great but once you went home the ONLY follow up was a phone call and then you felt like you were inconveniencing someone. Also, the other schools only taught options and stocks. They did not have the ability to look into your computer and control the screen and it was a nightmare trying to do a trade. They had great online learning modules but if you had questions you had to pay extra to sit with the instructor, but the time was limited because they were trading and teaching trading all day. I felt like I had a lot of information but no confidence to trade and just absolutely no confidence entering a trade and there were some instructors that did not know how to use the trading platform I was using. Online Trading Academy had EVERYTHING the other schools were missing. They have a free standing school where you could sit in a class with other students. They have real books and study guides. The classes are more than 2 days. They are full days and the instructor puts the lessons on the board. You also are instructed while on a computer how to use the platforms to put trades in and manage them. There is homework you can do and the school's website has the same information in class and so much more. They also have a wide variety of instructors who are extremely versed in trading and they all are different. There is also another level of trading that you can learn. It is well worth the cost and you are able to learn advanced trading and you are surrounded by like-minded teachers and students and you can become a Master Trader. There are also times when students can get together at the school and online and discuss, learn and do additional trading. Also, every student has a counselor who assists them to create an education plan on what they are to learn and it is tailor made for the student and their individual needs. Also, the instructors and staff are very warm and they care about the students. I have just completed my first class and I am utterly blown away by the education and the possibilities that trading will give me. I am taking every class they offer and I am in awe of the possibilities that I know are ahead of me now because of OTA. This school is exactly what I needed.”

“This academy is well worth the price! The tools of the trade are only a small portion of the program. The support that you receive after the initial classes is tremendous! ”

“OTA Chicago was an AWESOME experience!! The instructors were GREAT; shout out to CRAIG SCHAEFFER & DEBBIE HAGUE for their real world expertise in the financial markets. No matter your level of trade experience, OTA can provide cutting edge technology, proven strategy and curriculum to improve on the most novice or veteran SUCCESSFUL TRADES FOR PROFITABILITY.”

“Just finished my 3rd session of outstanding training at OTA Chicago. The staff and Instructors (Debra Hague/MTG, Steve Bobbitt/Core and Jerry Baldwin/Futures) were fantastic! What a wealth of knowledge between all of them. Staff at the facility are very knowledgeable and friendly. Two thumbs up!! The time passed quickly and I know I have a lot of learning to go, but what an experience. Looking forward to this new journey. Thank you, OTA!”

“Outstanding program format... outstanding support staff... and outstanding facility. I truly enjoyed the learning experience.”

“Enjoyed program, content and challenge. Instruction and support are great. looking forward to next classes. THANKS”

“For those who want to invest in securities with minimum risk, they should attend the classes at Online Trading Academy for training.”

“OTA emphasizes multiple levels of learning. It's not just a weekly class and then you are on your own. The OTA experience permits repeats, and extended learning opportunities online and in person.”

“Loren, the staff and special mention to Nick are all phenomenal and invaluable. The OTA on site classes and the website is fantastic and I couldn't see myself failing as a trader. ”

“OTA is a game changer for me! Trading has always been a passion of mine but I was never able to find a way to be profitable consistently. Core strategy has given me the tools and the confidence to know I can be successful at this no matter what market conditions are. I will always be a student of OTA.”


“I have always had an interest in learning how to trade in the market, but I never knew how to get started. OTA gave me all the education, information, and support needed to set up an account with a trading platform and begin to make money in the markets.”

“Wonderful trading education that will last a life time. The teacher was great, she made the extremely confusing, understandable. Staff was professional, personable and genuinely interested in each student's success.”

“These courses are amazing. The fact that we can retake them if we haven't grasped the many concepts is reassuring. The instructors are top notch, knowledgeable, and patient. Can't wait to start trading.”

“Now in my 3rd year with OTA, I could not be more happy with my decision to participate. The knowledge base available to me and the ongoing support in my learning and applying effective trading approaches have been invaluable to me. Yes, I would repeat this decision again tomorrow.”

“Inspired learning that combines knowledge, theory, analysis, and hands-on practice. ”

“Online Trading Academy is as good as advertised. They are fully committed to the success of their students and they deliver on all aspects of the education they provide. Would recommend them to anyone interested in securities trading or wealth management.”

“The education platform is stellar. The instructor I had for the Core Strategy class, Chris, was very experienced with trading and made the learning environment fun. He used so many smart applications and tools to enhance the learning experience. Anyone who wants to get serious about learning how to trade using rule based strategies will love this learning environment. It is not based on gut or any other quirky methods it is based on step by step rules where you score each trade for acceptable risk for each dollar you determine to trade. The staff at OTA are very supportive and walk you through each step as you need it. This was a great investment of my education dollar. ”

“OTA is a good place to learn how to trade. They have exceptional staff, phenomenal instructors and awesome food!”

“We had a wonderful experience in our Core Strategy and Core Strategy 2 classes. The teacher, Alex, was the best. He kept the energy up in the classroom, gave us great information and made sure everyone got the help they needed to understand the material. The course material was very well organized and took us step by step through the technology to a point where we really felt we understood how to apply the materials. The staff at OTA are the warmest, friendliest group. It is like a family and makes it so welcoming to be there. We highly recommend OTA to anyone who wants to learn how to trade.”

“OTA gave me a better understanding of supply and demand based trading. The instructors and staff were extremely helpful and understanding. They knew what they were talking about and how to teach trading strategies. ”

“I read many of the negative reviews and noticed a trend. The OTA classes are not for fun, they are serious and professional. The world of trading can be complex and painful to learn without the support and professional instruction. I did not find the selling pressure to be focused on selling me something I didn't want, but more about making sure I knew what I wanted and needed to achieve my goals. The best part is that OTA Chicago is there for life. You can always go back and retake courses for free and the support of the community and education centers continues after the courses are done. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The teachers are skilled, and not just at trading but also educating. The owner and his family are kind and welcoming. The school is very family friendly, in fact you can bring your wife or husband to take the classes with you for free. It's not cheap, but nothing in life of value ever is. Take it seriously and put in the effort and you will be happy with the investment.”

“The instructors were very energetic, enthusiastic patient and knowledgeable about trading and all of the strategies to use for successful trading. The classes met my expectations!!!”

“My skepticism has turned into inspiration with a clear picture that these programs are designed for multiple lifestyle goals and objectives, while displaying that the process that is designed to achieve them does not change.”

“This was a fantastic opportunity right here in my hometown! I encourage everyone to DO THEMSELVES A FAVOR AND ATTEND THIS PROGRAM.....YOUR WEALTH BUILDER!!! TRUST NO ONE WITH YOUR MONEY....DO IT YOURSELF AND PAY YOURSELF!!!! GET RID-OF THE MIDDLE MAN MAKING MONEY OFF YOU.....!! I only WISH I could've started sooner!!!”

“The strategy is exactly what the new and/or experienced trader needs to learn in order to find the trades that have a higher probability of success. The importance of risk management is stressed and explained in detail to reinforce the point that it's not quantity, but quality of trades.”

“The OTA trading education program can provide a great vehicle and plan to someone who is seriously interested in becoming successful trading assets. The program provides tremendous support to students of trading so that they have every tool available to become both knowledgeable and successful.”

“I thought I knew enough to trade. I was so wrong. The information is extremely useful. The support is second to none.”

“This was my 4th class I have attended at OTA and each class has been EXCELLENT. The instructors have all been very knowledgeable and patient. The course materials are written clearly and in an easily understandable format. I am so glad I found them.”

“I recommend OTA to many family members and friends. The opportunity that is presented at OTA is tremendous!”

“I truly enjoyed my time at OTA. Craig (Core Strategy) is an exceptional instructor: he teaches with clarity, patience, and is soo funny! As a complete novice to trading, I found the curriculum extremely comprehensive, as well as engaging. The staff does a wonderful job of meeting any needs and are nothing but encouraging. Thank you so much for everything!”

“As a former analyst on a large commercial bank's oil and natural gas options trading desk in Chicago, I can vouch that OTA teaches trading the way I learned it from professionals on Wall Street: always using stop loss orders, looking for trades that have high reward-low risk ratios and watching equity, fixed income, commodity and FX markets to discern the best opportunities.”

“OTA is truly a life changing community. ”

“I really did love this program. I think a combination of the instructor, and the team atmosphere in the class made it extremely fulfilling. I was a bit pessimistic at the beginning of the journey, but after a few days everything starts to set in, and the curriculum moves forward in a way that makes a ton of sense. Very happy with my decision to join team OTA.”

“Awesome class. The strategy is great and you see it work live in the class. Quite amazing. Tons of support in and after class which makes it near impossible to fail as long as you apply yourself and ask for help when you need it. Highly recommended!”

“My name is Nancy and I took this class because I wanted some hands on training. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I had been studying on my own by watching videos on you tube, and understood but I was still missing something. This class put it all into perspective and now, I know with OTA I'm on my way to financial freedom. I also got to meet some pretty awesome people, so Thanks to my OTA family (Nick, Angie, Ben, Kelly, Debra, Haiter, wife and baby girl and all the rest of the OTA family I haven't met).”

“Highly impressed with the level of professionalism and engaged instruction from instructors and advisors alike. Definitely worth the investment.”

“This program is recommended to people that are committed and willing to learn the process. Expect the ebb and flow of frustration and success in learning. In the end, being adept at the process will open doors you've often dreamed of. ”

“I was very surprised about how much I learned in such a short period of time. I have over 30 years of financial services experience and have been trading for several years. Excellent program.”

“Quality education, quality instructors. Friendly and committed personnel.”

“I haven't traded in 42 yrs. This electronic age is totally different from open outcry where I started in the Seventies. Tried to learn "Ninja Trader" for over a year. I need hands on training and the class worked perfectly for me.”


“Online Trading Academy provides great educational opportunities for those who wish to start trading. Their on-site classes are a must! They provide the best possible way to immerse yourself in trading and receive hands-on exercises with direct help from knowledgeable and experienced teachers/traders. Classes are small and with a lot of information and materials to cover. After their classes, you will receive a host of resources and access to all-exhaustive information to help you stand on your own. And as if that's not enough, they have great customer service and support. I would recommend to anyone serious about trading!”

“The six step blueprint is really helpful in giving you a structured approach to doing your technical analysis of each stock you're looking at. This has given me the confidence to look at the market at a different angle and not just merely speculate and rely on what the "experts" say. If anything, I've learned to filter out the noise and focus on what the charts say. Steve Misic is a great and very knowledgeable instructor.”

“OTA is a quality, no nonsense school that prepares the student with the basics needed to pursue online trading. It is also readily apparent that when these basics are mastered, the students have a tremendous amount of opportunity to take this information to another level, with all the educational resources available. Also, all the people here at OTA are very approachable to the students & are ready to help at any moment.”

“Big thanks to OTA and their great staff at Lombard, IL location. Big thanks to Debbie, Haiter, Summer, Angie, Nick and all for great education and I look forward to taking futures as my next class in the new year. If you're gonna get into this market, get the right education at OTA.”

“I have been taking OTA classes off and on for the past year. I recommend this program to anyone who 'wants to take control' of their financial investments. I was very skeptical at first, but I am so glad that I decided to give OTA a chance. The OTA Core Strategy allows for a greater percentage of successful trades, by teaching traders 'how to control their reward-to-risk ratio' in each and every type of asset class. This is the REAL secret to being a successful trader. Thank you OTA!”

“The program is very informative and it's nice to be trained by a professional trader who has been doing this a long time. You can't beat the hands-on experience that OTA provides. ”

“It was an excellent learning for me. I was trading for one year before I took this course. I spent lots of money paying to different organizations membership. I will cancel all the memberships because they don't help. In OTA, I learned the basic technique of picking a stock or options, its priceless. I like all teachers in the program. Because they don't give a dream of winning all the time. They are real teachers. They guide you and gives you tools to succeed. They provide you with realistic expectations. I have to mention a few teachers name who I absolutely admire, like Scott and Debbie. I wish I could do all my trading with Scott. I strongly recommend this training to anyone who wants to take control of their own money.”

“Trading or investing in securities, knowing and understanding OTA core strategies is a must in order to minimize losses and maximize gains.”

“I will always recommend The Online Trading Academy to learn to do this craft properly. You can research all you want on the Internet but there is a lot of conflicting information online and in print about this field. This is the place to learn this Skill Set to be profitable. Top notch for the facility, access and parking. The staff is the best to make you feel as a family and a good friendly relationship. Online Trading Academy will become your new friends and extended family since this is a very small community. They are a tight knit group, which I'm glad now to be a part of. Best wishes for you all.”

“I was very happy with the way all the instructors were willing to step in and help me with any problem I may have had. Everyone was so professional and knowledgeable about the subject matter! The classroom was fun, fast, loose (in a good way!) and full of excitement that left you looking forward to the next Day! Truly a very informative and very enjoyable experience that I would recommend to my family, friends and church members.”

“When I came to the OTA I thought I knew a lot about trading, and boy was I wrong. Everything I thought I knew was a small portion of what trading was really about, and these at the OTA gave me a great amount of tools and resources to use to give me a far better understanding of the market and how it works.”

“I was a little Leary before I signed up and took part in the market timing 3-day orientation. Then, after completing that and now almost completed with core strategy, I personally cannot believe why anyone would not take advantage of this!!!! I am 49 years old and have always heard the expression, 'If it's too good to be true, it usually is." ABSOLUTELY NOT IN THIS CASE!!!!! Its 100% true.”

“The facility is very clean, parking is ample, the staff is very informative and willing to work with almost every circumstance presented in order to be an intricate part in my success as a professional trader. Temperature in the facility was always pleasant. I regret not taking advantage of OTA much sooner in my life.”

“The system is exceptionally good. Obviously not every trade is going to be a winner, but if you understand and follow what you are taught, you will do fine. To me the best part has been the instructors I have had and their ability to teach. Coming from an education background, many people can learn the necessary knowledge but do not have the teaching skills to get others to learn. Even more so, it is rare to find people who cannot only communicate the knowledge but do it quickly, patiently and effectively. I have been fortunate that my two instructors, Tre and Deb, have that ability. To me this alone justifies the investment in time and money that I have invested in my business.”

“The class was intense, exciting and fun! The instructor followed the curriculum and added his own personal experiences for best practices. I was skeptical about joining Online Trading Academy, but after taking the courses here at a brick and mortar location I am thoroughly convinced I made the right decision.”

“The class was very helpful and I really enjoyed how we got immersed into the actual trading environment. I really enjoyed our instructor, Scott. He has a great sense of humor. He also had professional experience outside of OTA that shows how real world experience can be added to our philosophy and strategy. The class was very engaged and friendly to be around. I wish the class could have been longer because we were having a blast all week. Looking forward to more.”

“I would recommend the Online Trading Academy program to anyone who wants to learn 'how to build and preserve their wealth'. During the year that I've been involved with OTA, it has been my experience that the team is always focusing on improving the program content based on student feedback which is so important. In other words, the team REALLY listens to the needs of the people they serve! There are so many positives about Online Trading Academy. They also have school locations all over the world, and they offer 'online classes', as well, for people who are not able to get to the physical class locations. The instructors go 'above and beyond' to assist the students in their trading goals. In my opinion, 'student support is AAA' at Online Trading Academy.”

“The Chicago-OTA office has been very generous to me in my development as a Pro-Active investment trader. I have developed both skills and confidence in my trading these days, and I am very thankful to everyone at that office.”

“This is an amazing program for anyone that wants to change their life around and I'm glad I went with going further in my studies.”

“Outstanding class...Hands on experience was very helpful when utilizing Trade Station. The Center was Fantastic... All aspects of the Center were exceptional, and the staff was very professional and extremely helpful.”

“Online Trading Academy has a great academic program. Environment friendly and instructors are great. Shows concern and passion for the growth of the trader.”


“OTA and their methodology is an amazing program. The clarity you achieve after your first market timing class is unbelievable. Especially when you compare it to how I, as a novice, was trading in the past. After the pro trader course, I feel that I am equipped to make good, solid gains and consistent trades on my own. Craig Weil is a great teacher. He brings a vast amount of knowledge from his nearly 40 years of trading experience. His passion for trading is truly felt and he is able to convey what to look for and when.”

“OTA gave me a great set of skills to use when trading so I can protect and increase my savings and generate extra income for the rest of my life. I highly recommend it.”

“The staff is/was efficient and knowledgeable. The facilities were clean and modern. The parking was more than adequate and access was easy from major interstate expressways.”

“The OTA Community, including Center sponsored events, online XLTs and weekly Core Strategy reviews all enhance the learning experience beyond the 5-Day classes.”

“Online Trading Academy provides a structured method for owning your own retirement savings and growth. This is the most common sense approach that I've ever learned. Thank you, OTA!”

“I like the fact the classes are small and the instructors and staff are friendly and flexible! They are always willing to help. In a field I thought I knew pretty well, I was shocked on how much I didn't! Thanks OTA!”

“Coming from Europe, I would have never been given the chance to learn what trading is or how to become a trader. I am grateful for the knowledge and the opportunity given to me. The highly experienced instructor was a plus! Thank you for everything.”

“You learn a ton of very valuable information in this class and it sets you up for success. OTA is the only place you should go to for your trading education. ”

“This is my third course through OTA and I've been very impressed with the quality of the instruction, training and instructors. The background of the teachers is truly impressive and gives a great credibility to their ability to provide relevant information with the background to back it up.”

“I look forward to the hospitality at Lombard Academy, which makes coming to the classes much more enjoyable ”

“Steve Misic is a very good teacher and answers all of your questions; and the staff at the Chicago campus is unparalleled and bends over backwards to answer any questions you might have and help you in any way outside the classroom. Just a really great staff.”

“As a soon to be retiree (within 1 year), and having taken all the major courses, I can see the value in the XLTs. It would have been best for me to be able to focus on them live instead of recorded sessions (which are still very valuable.) The Classes are very good, but the XLTs are 5 to 10 times more valuable because because you can replay any XLT, and they have a wide variety of instructors and trading styles. I have missed out on trades that took place live that would have reinforced trading principles ( and made me money). With hindsight, I should have retired a year and a half ago. I would have gotten up to speed more quickly with the classes and XLT's , and I would have made more money. I view OTA as a continuous learning experience and intend to continue retaking classes and participating in XLTs going forward, I have witnessed the improvements in the program since I began taking courses in January 2015, and I am very appreciative for them. Today, we spend more time in class actually setting zones and placing trades, and I would like to see that continue. I am in the Mastermind Community and intend to become more active as my trades improve. In my Forex class, Steve Misic encouraged us to participate in the 'Share you Trade' feature of Power Trader Nation. I have been reluctant because I didn't want to look like a novice. We drilled in class much more this week, and I think that is important because that is the only way to build confidence. I am beginning to see how important it is to get the feedback of others who are more experienced that you. The only other thing I would say is that we had a couple of people in our class who were a bit closed minded and were arguing with the instructor, or who lacked some basic understanding in the basics of trading (for example: the difference in canceling an order vs. Closing a position) These are things that should be covered in Pro Trader and not in later courses, although Steve handled it well. I would like to see the screening of experience levels and teachability improved. Confidence is the whole deal. Being in the classes and the XLTs makes me realize how much I need to learn. OTA should stress all activities that build a student's confidence and reinforce sound trading behavior. Al live courses are simply an introduction to the skill building for trading. Steve emphasized practice in class. I thank him for that and would emphasize it. ”

“Online Trading Academy is a serious educational program. Those who study, work, and follow the plan will be able to control their investments and make excellent returns. The OTA approach to Wealth Management is an excellent way to confidently manage and grow your portfolio better than a so called "professional".”

“The center is clean and comfortable. Once the repairs on the highway are complete, it will be easy to get to. The staff and instructors are very friendly and helpful.”

“My ONLY regret is that I did not get involved with OTA a long time ago. However, moving forward, I will definitely recommend OTA to any and everyone I know.”

“I went from knowing nothing about stocks/investing to realizing that people I know that are "dabbling" in stocks will not be successful. Hungry for more.”

“I strongly recommend this course for all would be traders. Taught me discipline and respect of money. Now I truly enjoy trading and treat it like a business. Thank you OTA.”


“Well planned with excellent teacher and facility.”

“At the Chicago location, the staff; Haider, Nizar, David, Remie, Maria, Mike and the instructor, Dan Sugar, are very professional and knowledgeable and are there to help you in any way possible. They literally become your friends, truly great people!”

“Being trained in a great environment with professional, successful traders and being able to trade with them whether live or on the xlts has definitely changed my life for the better. They have given me the chance to turn a dream into a reality. Thanks.”

“I liked all the counselors and teachers that I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from; it's refreshing to get a perspective on this subject from people who actually have dealt with this or are dealing with it to date. Both instructors, Gregg Indovina and Craig Weil, were very patient and helpful with any and all questions. Each instructor offered very good knowledge to obtain the information accordingly, they helped turn my weaker points into stronger ones.”

“The program is very informative and the counselors and staff are very friendly.”

“Outstanding, validated the Investment; will recommend the School based on the materials, pre-sales professionalism and the outstanding quality of Instruction. Final Grade: A.”

“I enjoy the community experience of the classroom setting and being able to interact with other students who have similar goals and experiences”

“I came into this course not knowing anything about trading. I had lots of misconceptions, but after the course I can say that my knowledge base has expanded. I understand what the market is, and what it's not and I am confident that I place a trade based on knowledge instead of guessing.”

“The learning environment is excellent. The instructor and staff are very professional and friendly. The lifetime course re-takes opportunity is the main reason for my success with trading, wealth and income.”

“We needed a solid method of making money with the platforms we have access to so our money can grow for retirement. I know that I can try to do something and fail miserably if I don't have the right education. OTA filled that need, now we are putting the things we have learned to work for us.”

“I was not sure what to expect after attending courses with other companies, but this course totally blew me away. What I learned has totally changed my way of life; my confidence in trading, money management and, in genera,l adding basic discipline in all aspects. Thank you, OTA, thank you, Larry Jacobson.”

“Online Trading Academy has given me a great understanding of the financial markets, making me take greater control of my finances.”

“I live 3 hours from the center. Coming in for the 4 hour morning class followed by the 3 day market timing course helped me realize this is something I can be passionate about. The single most deciding factor that assisted me in deciding to commit to the 7 day Pro Trader course coupled with my 5 day Futures trading course is the ability to 'retake the course' as many times as I wish. I am actually repeating the Pro Trader course right now for the first time. The benefit is, I have strengthened my knowledge substantially. I would recommend anybody who is considering this course, this expense, to understand the value, that retaking the course is invaluable. Further, the sense of community that is promoted via the resources (instructors, XLT, online trading community) are substantially invaluable. Overall, I am proud to be a part of the OTA family.”

“THANK YOU, OTA, for HOPE for a better life. You put "lite" back in life.”

“I recently had to take a break from trading to relocate and after 6 months off I felt I needed a jump start to get my mind back into the game. One of the best advantages to being a student of Online Trading Academy is the ability to retake the class free of charge at any time. I signed up for a retake at OTA Chicago's Pro Trader class. It was really great to be in the classroom again and taking the course with a different instructor. Scott Stokes gave a great and different point of view on trading and that really got me fired up to get back into the trades once again. If you are considering trading then you just can't go wrong taking the courses at OTA Chicago. You will get the best edge possible and learn from the best instructors. Do yourself a favor and get educated before you trade, it's worth the time and money spent. Buying a cheap book will never give you what a live class will, and having OTA behind you for support is the best foundation you could have. Thank you, OTA Chicago.”


“Very friendly environment.”

“I feel that people at OTA are here to help you succeed. Yes, you do pay a nice tuition to get into the classes, but the overall environment is all about learning, sharing and becoming a better trader. I am here to stay and succeed. Thanks OTA.”

“The fact that all the information is delivered in layman's terms is always appreciated. In addition, the fact that the material keeps going over previously taught material is appreciated as well because it allows me to make sure I understand the basics and keep building my knowledge about trading.”

“I have received an inestimable amount of knowledge in a relatively short period of time. I would highly recommend this school for anyone who wishes to make money in the stock market.”

“I was skeptical about the bang-for-the-buck factor prior to class, but it has been well worth the money now that I have the tools to be successful. The ROI will definitely pay off over the course of my life.”

“I came to OTA a true beginner. I've never invested in the markets or made a trade in my life. Having taken the Pro Trader and Futures classes, I feel very confident in my ability to begin a new career. I performed well in simulated and live trading in class, and I am certain I have the education required to put myself in a position for success in the markets. Instructors are entertaining, patient and care for their students. I highly recommend OTA.”

“Found classes well organized with experienced instructors making training enjoyable. Personal concern for every student is very rewarding.”

“Good books and knowledgeable trainer. Now I can use some of the techniques that I learned during training to manage my portfolio.”

“I am 21 years old and I now believe I can make enough money trading in order to graduate from college without any debt.”

“I have been trading for many years, but Craig and the Online Trading Academy system really put things in a different perspective for me. I think the system is phenomenal! Craig opened my eyes to various other markets that I never thought about.”

“I was so nervous coming to class because of my lack of knowledge about trading terms. I am now happy to say I know WAYYYY more than I did when I started thanks to the Online Trading Academy staff. My friends will be so impressed with how smart I sound now!”

“I took the Futures course with Craig Weil as my instructor approximately two years ago. A lot of life changes occurred in the interim and it was time to retake the course. The second time through, the course served as an excellent refresher and definitely corrected some bad practices that I had incorporated into my trading practice. Every Online Trading Academy instructor that I've had was truly outstanding and tremendous communicators!! Many thanks for your support!!”

“This is without a doubt the best investment I have made for preparing for and living through retirement. This course presents a logical, doable and systematic approach to handling retirement planning and investing and will build the confidence of anyone taking the course.”

“If you want to trade you must take Online Trading Academy classes. They prepare as if you were preparing for a PHD. Online Trading Academy Chicago - awesome, everyone very friendly and a real sense of community.”

“The program is as advertised. The education is very good and prepares you to become a trader.”

“The factor of life time repeatability of course instruction makes the Online Trading Academy program a winner for just about all who have the intent of entering the investment field.”

“Since January I have taken three different classes. I can truly say that I can trade confidently every day. This would not have been possible without the education from the Online Trading Academy core strategies. Thank you, to all who have birthed the vision to make our dreams possible.”

“The center is awesome... staff all incredibly friendly.”

“It was a new experience for me and catapulted my thinking. Perhaps it over catapulted my thinking into the trader mindset. I like the way it built my own expectations about my ability to trade in the future. Even if I never trade a share for my own account, it makes my thinking about any investor-broker relationship I may enter into in the future much more professional in all respects.”

“Great location. Staff is very friendly and professional. Although the tuition is considerable, I believe it is worth the price and I look at it as the cost of my education. My goal is to manage my own portfolio and I believe I can learn the tools to do this by taking this and other Online Trading Academy classes.”

“The people at Chicago Online Trading Academy could not be better. It is always a good time coming here.”

“The education is great.”

“Online Trading Academy is always very professional. I tried to learn about Trading through books, but felt like I could not really find any that explained the information with clarity. Although I have much to learn, I am leaving this class with an abundance of information which I am ready to apply.”


“I feel overall that the experience was well worth it. I'm looking forward to applying the knowledge.”

“I have now taken Pro Trader and the Future classes and would highly recommend this for beginners of all levels. Never can have enough experience!!!”

“This gets better and better. The key is knowing that this is a learning process first. I will not trade until I know. I trust the Online Trading Academy core strategy and the instructors.”

“The training is very thorough. I gained valuable experience and knowledge that I could not have received anywhere else.”

“Online Trading Academy is an awesome school to attend. The instructors here are really here to help and meet the need of the students.”

“Was continually impressed with the efficiency and helpfulness of the staff and instructor. There is a lot of character here!”

“When I walked into the class I felt like I was listening to a foreign language. Totally out of my league. I walked out understanding the concept of trading. Maricela Garcia”

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