Charlotte, NC - Student Testimonials

A Rating and Reviews of Online Trading Academy from the BBB.

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“OTA is a great learning experience with actual on-hands training for the beginner. It is great to know that there are Instructors at OTA that are willing to invest their time & share their skills.”


“OTA is a great place to learn and grow as an investor and trader as well as growth on a personal level. Great curriculum and high quality instructors to facilitate an outstanding learning environment!”

“Everyone at OTA is professional and very patient. They make sure every student understands the subject before moving on to the next.”

“I learned so much. When I began this class, I had never heard of Forex, futures, or options. I had heard a little about stocks, but not a lot. Now, I know the fundamentals of each position. I know how to pick out a good trade. I can understand which way the market is going and be able to make wise decisions based on the trend. The best part is I can make money no matter if the market goes up or down, based on how I place my trade. I also understand the importance of managing my losses. That, overall, was the hardest lesson for me to get; but now, I see the major importance of managing my losses. Paul Itterly showed us soooooo much. Thank you! I would recommend this class to everyone--from the oldest person in the world to as young as 7 years. It's just that good and understandable.”

“I enjoyed learning how to buy and sell within markets with Paul Itterly. I looked forward to coming to class every day to learn more and more. I have been able to identify supply and demand zones within the market following my Core Strategy course. I appreciate OTA for all the resources and knowledge they provide students to help them become day traders.”

“This has been, truly, the best decision for my life moving forward. I am extremely grateful for the vehicle this school has been in allowing me to understand trading and eventually to become profitable at it.”

“…I just want to say that the staff was outstanding. They truly strive to teach as a standard performance, which is that condition which exists when excellence prevails.”

“Being completely new to trading, I found this program extremely informative and truly a guide to future success and wealth.”

“Overall, Online Trading Academy is just amazing. There are so many opportunities for you to be successful. Everyone is there to help you become the best trader you can be.”

“I believe Online Trading Academy is a must if trading is something you are interested in. The foundations are invaluable into this highly volatile business.”

“OTA has the most knowledgeable staff of instructors!!! I am very happy that I signed up for Mastermind participation!!”

“The Core Strategy Course at OTA is an exceptional introduction to the "secret sauce" of market analysis that WILL produce consistently profitable trading. If you apply what you learn in Core Strategy, you WILL be a successful trader.”

“OTA is the at the top of the line for a quality education in trading today; the staff is always so very eager to help in any way possible, the instructors truly care about your success and stand ready to give you as much help and support as you need to become a proficient trader.”

“I would like to thank all of the OTA family for being very friendly and welcoming the entire class with a great community. I have enjoyed my experience with learning new information and the potential to learning a whole lot more in the near future. I would encourage anyone that is interested in learning basic market trading to explore the potential is has.”

“I came to OTA with very little experience trading. My only experience was opening an account with a couple of thousand dollars, listening to some online recommendations on what stocks to buy which should be almost sure things. Within 3 months my account was completely empty and I decided the market was not for me. A few months ago I found out about OTA and after a little investigation decided to attend an introductory class which led me to a three day class. At that point I decided everything was for real and this was the way for me to go after several unfortunate occurrences which have left me unprepared for retirement. The education level has proven to be extremely high and the lifetime support will continue to be invaluable as my trading life continues.”

“This class has been life changing. One of the best educational decisions I have ever made. My wife and I both took the class, with very different educational backgrounds. The class picked us up where we were (ground zero) in our understanding of the market and "gapped us up" dramatically. We are both very excited about our future with OTA!”

“If you're thinking about wanting to learn to trade and start a new lifestyle for yourself and career path, going thru the Online Trading Academy is a great way to go. They answer all and any questions you may have. They are very blunt and tell you how to be successful if you follow the plan that you make with them. Make those goals and always keep them in mind.”

“I find the trading plan to be purposeful and flexible. Now I will be able to have a direction to follow that can grow with me for the rest of my trading LIFE. That's not in any books I have read, I have only seen it here at OTA!”

“OTA program is professionally taught and worth every penny.”

“Being brand NEW to this process and very tentative about the journey I am under taking, I needed an instructor that would be patient questions and willing to slow the pace as needed by me and the rest of the class. I have been pleasantly surprised, we were given what we needed. So, the class has given confidence in the process and myself, now the next step of the journey starts.”

“As a new student with OTA, I'm so blessed to be a part of the academy. It's always good to learn new and exciting things. My instructor, Mr. McNeil was straight forward and patient. Great class.”

“My husband tried other programs to no avail. Although we didn't lose money there was not sufficient benefit to continue. After finding OTA, we decided to give it a shot. Best decision of our lives! Amazing educational opportunities, amazing support! OTA is designed to set the investor/trader up for success. Follow the plan, don't deter from the rules of trading and you cannot lose!”

“I have found my experience with OTA to be exceptional. If you want to learn trading and the different asset classes, they give you all the tools you need to be successful. OTA wants to see everyone succeed. Great Company. Great People!”

“I really enjoyed the Options Trading class. OTA is truly a great educational environment. I would recommend it to anyone!”

“The entire Online Trading Academy staff in Cornelius, NC was very supportive and everyone was more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences to assist with my learning experience.”

“Online Trading Academy is a big family. Someone is always available when you need the help.”

“I wholeheartedly am enjoying this new experience. Three things are key to be aware of: Frame of mind, Follow the Rules and Education First. This is a Cookie cutter style approach. ”

“OTA has really opened my eyes to learning about real trading, and the habits I have as a trader. Along with ways to overcome my bad habits to make me a better trader.”

“The staff/team at OTA Charlotte is AMAZING! They are so friendly, hospitable and RESPONSIVE!! My experience in the Forex class was GREAT! Alex Perna is an AWESOME instructor! The material was broken down into "tiny, digestible chunks" and really easy to understand. With a li'l more practice, I know that I am on my way to creating the additional income that my family needs.”

“I believe Online Trading Academy is good because they do at least what they say they will do. I paid over 25,000 dollars total to other places that said they would show me and help me and never did and would not refund my money; and Online Trading Academy has not only helped me but keeps on helping me till I get it and that means a lot to me, and they do not keep asking for more money like the other places have.”

“OTA cares about your success. The instructors and staff are always concerned about the students. Follow the process. You will be successful.”

“Online Trading Academy has given me a way to provide for myself and my family without having to sacrifice countless hours at a job that I didn't enjoy, instead of enjoying that time with them, my church and my community!! It doesn't come overnight, and I didn't expect it to. But they have not only incredibly shortened my learning curve, but have taught me a method, that when applied correctly, doesn't leave money sitting there on the table!! I am eternally grateful for what OTA has given me!”

“I truly enjoyed the program. The concepts and ideas that were discussed were extremely interesting and the instructors were very skilled at communicating these complex ideas concisely. I left the program feeling very optimistic about my future as a trader.”

“I have received information and support that will carry my trading to new levels. Excited about having tried and true support behind me from experienced traders. ”


“I would highly recommend the OTA. Their main interest and concern is to help you as a student become successful.”

“The OTA program is great because we can finally understand why the financial marketeers are more interested in getting people to trade rather than teaching them how to trade successfully. Why? Because they were never OTA students and don't have a clue how to trade successfully. Mr. John Rowland is a major contributor to the OTA experience; we all respect and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity.”

“This school is something I recommend to anyone that truly wants to be free. The instructors are excellent. They are friendly and eager to help any way they can. The information presented is a priceless life changer. OTA makes the material easy to understand and execute. Thanks OTA.”

“OTA is a highly professional organization that delivers exactly what they advertise! You will learn, you will practice your education, you will implement your new found skills and knowledge, and you will have a coach and support staff available to you throughout your entire journey!”

“After taking the Online Trading Academy core strategies class I gained a totally different perspective of the stock market and how it works. They have definitely educated me on how the institutions and us (the lay person) work in different ways. This is a must join organization if you want to succeed and learn more about how the stock market works.”

“We absolutely loved having the hands on assistance, and all the material was relevant to the learning process. Quentin is an amazing instructor! The OTA experience is like no other!”

“The Online Trading Academy is an awesome school! I will truly recommend it to family and friends. I believe it to be the next best road map forward for those that want to realize their dreams!!! Very professional and knowledgeable staff that cares about each student. Staff go out of their way to ensure you learn what you need to learn, even if they have to teach you 1 on 1. Once you are a student at Online Training Academy (OTA) you have lifetime access to the school, staff and resources. Thank you to the staff at OTA!!!”

“I've always been interested in the stock market and have entered and lost money. However, attending OTA made me realized what I was doing wrong and open my eyes to more possibilities besides stock. I was introduced to Forex, Futures and Options and taught how to trade each asset. This decision to attend OTA is the best decision I've made.”

“I have never experienced anything like this group of instructors and staff. It's a fun place to learn and grow in an area we all need knowledge in. Like one instructor said, one piece at a time. You can attain your financial goals, right here. Thanks for everything!!! My next class awaits!!!”

“My name is Melisa Parker and the OTA changed my entire view on trading. At 50 years old, I have always had an interest in the market. However, I never once seriously considered the idea that I could become an informed trader. After taking the introduction class, the core strategy class, and an asset class (Forex). I am elated that I now have the confidence to trade confidently and successfully. The opportunity that OTA gave me to increase my wealth and/or replace my income is overwhelming. I replaced hope with finite confidence that I have and can change my financial future.”

“OTA is an investment in your financial future. It offers you lifetime classes that you can go back to and review all the while you are practicing and learning to trade. It is well worth the investment!”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and everyone with the academy is very helpful. I wish that I had learned about the academy when I first started trading.”

“Core Strategy was VERY helpful. We appreciated the consistent repetition of the 'Basics' and 'The Process' that enabled us to learn this proven system. Paul Itterly kept the class engaged as he successfully transferred his mastery of the material in a way that we could grasp with ease. We can now move on with encouragement and confidence into our up-coming asset class. Really looking forward to learning more and trading!”

“The program has been very enlightening and an educational experience that will provide benefit returns for my lifetime. The center is clean and inviting. The staff goes above and beyond in friendliness and helpfulness.”

“My experience at OTA has been phenomenal so far! Everything is clear, organized, precise and easy to understand! The support here is great, I'm having all my questions answered thoroughly. OTA makes trading easy to understand and clearly lays out how to be profitable and successful!”

“OTA's lifetime commitment along with its mentorship and longevity as an organization is the key to my anticipated success in my lifetime. Knowing that professional traders "have my back" is one of the most important reasons for my commitment.”

“OTA wants all students to be successful in their chosen path to trading. The level of preparation of materials and staff support offered is phenomenal. If the training, structure and discipline are adhered to you will surely be successful in your trading career.”

“I am so glad that I attended Online Trading Academy. The instructors and staff are all personal, remembering your name and always responding to each question. OTA has thought of everything and they show you what you need to be successful. No pressure to attend and everyone gives you their personal cell number. Awesome.”

“I have not been able to find the structured approach to being a successful trader offered here at OTA anywhere else. Each experience I have with OTA is continuing to increase my confidence in my investment in the OTA Community.”

“The Online Trading Academy is a great institution that taught me how to manage a personal trading plan and how to distinguish novice habits from the successful ones. I have only been trading for half a year and I have learned a lot during my first orientation. I am excited to see everything else they can offer to enhance my trading skills and the experience with the market.”

“OTA strikes me as a very unique community. It is surprising to hear time and again that they want you to stay in touch - everyone seems to offer support. This is not a hit-and-run classroom experience, but a long-term relationship. OTA has a solid track record and a supportive culture that ensures anyone who is serious about trading can find the needed support.”

“The old adage of "Those who can, do....Those who can't TEACH.....does not apply to the excellent instructors that are found at OTA!!!! They are all professionals who have gained the experience necessary to be pro-traders and therefore are MORE than qualified to instruct neophyte traders!!!”

“The program is one of the most thorough programs I have ever been involved with.”

“Forex! Forex! Forex! is where it is! I love applying the rules and watching the market come to me. It's so much less stressful than chasing the market. I feel that I now know what to do to and how to go about applying what I've learned to the market.”

“This class has been exceptional! I've gained knowledge that I thought I would never have because of what I thought was the complexity of the stock market. It has been explained in such a way that it makes sense. We were given the rules and a road map to follow, and if followed will give you the results you want...if you follow the rules!”

“This course is truly informative and enlightening. I really enjoyed taking the course and look forward to trading. You need an education to trade in this market and at Online Trading Academy, you will get that education!”

“OTA teachings are AWESOME. They teach you how to follows rules to protect and profit your earnings. I am glad I made the move to join this awesome community. I wish I would have learned about OTA ten years ago when I was trading options. I would probably have a lot of my nest egg left! Thanks, OTA.”

“Love how the staff at OTA is so very helpful and attentive to your needs!”

“OTA is dedicated to educating people from all walks of life to be successful at trading the markets. I am happy I decided to check them out and to enroll.”

“Great course on proactive investing, we designed a portfolio and also learned and practiced options trading. The hands on experience is great and prepares one for actual practice. The teacher went above and beyond in explaining the course materials and brought in practical trading tips that only a real trader would know. ”

“My Online Trading Academy experience was very informative and inspirational. It has given me the tools I feel I need to begin trading in a well informed and confident level.”

“I have been a part of the OTA community for a number of years. The teachers and staff never cease to amaze me. Their knowledge and ability to break down abstract and unfamiliar financial analysis and trading techniques into digestible and relatable bits of information never ceases to amaze.”

“The program, thus far, has given a lot of information and helps to give you an idea of "what" to focus on in the midst of all the "noise." I appreciate learning from someone who is successful and has been in my shoes as oppose to trying to learn on my own. I think this program is very valuable and would recommend that others interested in investing to take OTA.”

“The facility is very warm and clean. The Personnel are very friendly and kind. I really enjoy coming here. I must say that I have truly enjoyed my instructors thus far. Looking forward to my future classes.”

“Online Trading Academy, in my opinion, offers a truly new and original approach to investing in the financial markets. After studying their approach and following it, anyone should become a successful investor.”


“OTA, as usual, has the right material, good and digestible. Charlotte Center has enough parking space, it's very clean. The personnel are just fantastic. They are so friendly, they make us feel at home. They take care of us as if we are just at home. Thumps up to all of them.”

“This was better than what I learned in college to earn and build wealth. Well structured material, taught by instructors who not only have the knowledge, but the experience as well.”

“OTA has helped me to identify zones, and increase my trading skill.”

“This is the 4th class I've taken in the series. Each succeeding class has increased my confidence and accuracy as a trader.”

“Very easy to find and park. People are very nice and helpful! Trade planning is very needed to be a good trader!”

“The program at the Charlotte office far exceeded my expectations. The staff welcomes you personally when you arrive. The facilities are clean. Snacks are provided to make breaks a welcome time to reset and visit with other students and staff--great efforts are made by the Charlotte folks to build community. We have found the classes to be a good balance of visuals, didactic instruction, and hands-on. Those of us who return to retake classes for updated curriculum and review are welcomed like family. My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed our class times here and appreciate the support always available once we leave. Much thanks for an educational experience that is well presented and life changing.”

“The Charlotte office is staffed with the best staff that I have ever worked with. They spend as much time as necessary to help you learn and do not just give you the info after you pay and expect you to learn it on your own. Very friendly, open to opinions, and provide great service.”

“OTA Charlotte staff went above and beyond to make the core training experience pleasant, effective and efficient. The feeling of being "part of the family" was very reassuring and relaxing.”

“I have absolutely never been in a more upbeat and exciting environment than the Charlotte OTA. The ladies are super in keeping us refreshed with beverages and snacks on non-lunch days as well as great lunches on those days. The Academy is always kept clean and fresh when we come out of our class "groggy" with learning another new level in those beginning days of the week. Thank you for the great learning environment.”

“I have enjoyed the professional and friendly staff at OTA/Charlotte. The classes are packed with information, at times too much information for my little brain. I appreciate the open attitude of the instructor Paul Itterly and the understanding of the office staff. They made me feel welcome and comfortable.”

“OTA is the real deal, they aren't crooks who are out to get your money. These guys are some good people with a great community, and an even better teaching program. ”

“I learned a lot in this class and I am excited to have the opportunity to use this information to start trading. The staff is very friendly and helpful in answering any questions that have come up! The area, building, classrooms, and central area are very clean and inviting. It is bright and conducive to focusing on all this new course work. Paul Itterly is a good instructor! I enjoyed his sense of humor and his teaching style. I felt very confident that I could, with the instruction received, go out and start trading!!!”

“It is an excellent base that is presented. However, be patient if you are brand new to trading. Remember, it is JUST THE BASE. IT IS THE PROCESS. It takes time to build the confidence and competence. The support of the personnel and website is generous and always available. Your mentor is just an email or a phone call away. We actually used the online chat room support for help also. I love the people at the center. From the minute you walk in the front door you are greeted with smiling faces and upbeat attitudes. Very friendly staff from the office personnel to the instructors and mentors. The classrooms are equipped with everything you need and arranged for interaction with other students and with the instructors. In fact, our instructor, Paul, became the mayor of his "community" classroom.”

“The course, recorded sessions, and online prerequisites really helped me understand the core strategy for following a trade plan to identify high-probability, low risk trades.”

“The best way to learn any new skill is to learn from someone who not only knows the material but has real experience in the subject matter. That is exactly what you will find at OTA.”

“With all of the resources that are available with the classes, there is no reason for anyone to fail with OTA if you "follow the darn instructions." :^) OTA is set up and designed to help people become successful and profitable traders.”

“I believe this is a great program which can help anyone with making critical decisions about their financial affairs. The Charlotte location is absolutely beautiful in every sense. The people are great, the building is clean and there is plenty of parking. Just an awesome experience with this center.”

“I have been dabbling in market trading since the 1990s without a lot of success, or excitement for that matter. Now that I have found OTA and am learning how to be a disciplined trader using a proven process, I am starting to see some success and that is exciting.”

“Anyone who wants to learn how to trade in the markets needs to take this class. It truly gives you an edge in the market and allows you to succeed if you really understand and implement the OTA Core Strategy.”

“OTA is amazing. The way they expound their material, it's like a light bulb hitting my mind. When I wanted to give up on online trading, OTA was like the magic pill I needed to be picked up and set on the right course. Viva OTA!”

“Great staff members. Instructor and student support team are very knowledgeable. Good atmosphere at the campus.”

“Pro Trader 1 and 2 were excellent classes that "brought it all together". Really enjoyed my classmates... Paul did a great job of teaching and helping us move forward... He was encouraging and helpful. The center and on-hand staff were awesome. They were so very helpful. Thanks for taking good care of us rookies.”

“Everything was top of the line. Lots of available parking, friendly staff, great teachers and pleasant classrooms. I appreciated the available beverages and snacks that were also provided as much needed pick-me-ups during the long (but interesting) days. As someone who was totally unfamiliar with all of the different nuances of the market, I was always afraid to venture into the market and so left all decisions to a financial adviser. When that did not work out so well over the years, I decided that I needed to be much more proactive in taking control of my own financial future. As a retired teacher, my first thought is always to become educated first. Hence, my decision to sign up for classes at OTA. I also encouraged my oldest son to take the classes. We are glad we are enrolled and he is encouraging a colleague of his to enroll also.”

“OTA is beginning to change my life! The freedom that trading is giving me is what I've been searching for for quite some time.”

“My experiences with OTA have been incredible. From the warm reception from all I've meet to the very knowledgeable instructors, I've been made to feel that all are dedicated to my success and are now intertwined in my future achievements. Thanks OTA.”


“I would recommend OTA to any aspiring trader. The staff is very friendly and the instructors are very patient. The hands-on approach is second to none.”

“The center staff are some of the kindest people you would want to meet. The cleanliness of the building and classrooms is phenomenal.”

“I would recommend OTA to anyone who is looking for just extra money or wealth. Everyone is very friendly and helpful when you need them. When they say welcome to the family, that is exactly what they mean. You are a family member for life.”

“Instructor made the training easy to understand. Wonderful clean facility, the staff is very friendly and experienced and it is truly a family environment. This school really takes care of the students.”

“Very knowledgeable - instructor was great and facilities were very good”

“By taking the futures course, the mystery of futures trading was removed and my confidence in being able to successfully trade was greatly raised.”

“In my time at OTA I've had great support and guidance through the classes. With my work schedule and building a business, I haven't had the time to attend every class but I'm glad the program is flexible and allows me to do it on my own time. Love the staff and great food!”

“OTA's systematic process will help me to become a true trader. The classes are worth the cost and time to have unlimited access to continued assistance - I'm never trading alone!”

“I have been trading for years. I will leave this class far more confident than I have ever been.”

“There is no better bang-for-your-buck educational opportunity for anyone looking to change careers. Trading will drastically change my life, my time, and the choices that will be available for my family for the rest of our lives.”

“The thing I like the most is the fact that the staff is bending over backwards to adjust to our situation. We are out of the area. They are making sure we receive the education.”

“So far in my brief experience, OTA has met my expectations and is everything they said it would be. I have a lot to learn and am in no way prepared to start trading with real money etc., but everything I've learned and done is what was conveyed when I signed up. Looking forward to the next class.”

“The place was very neat and clean as always. Ed and Hailey were very personable as everyone I've ever met or had as an instructor have been. They keep the class sizes to where you can get as much one on one help as needed along with having a wonderful learning experience with the whole group.”

“I laughed, I became part of me! Seriously was very intense at times but invaluable to my future as a successful trader. Everyone I have met has been extremely supportive and encouraging. A genuine desire to help me with my trading goals both professionally and personally.”

“I was fed up watching my investments stagnate in the hand of my financial adviser. Since retiring, the growth of my retirement account slowed dramatically and started decreasing as I started drawing down the funds to supplement my fixed income. I also noticed that the trading fees and account servicing fees were exceeding the growth. I found OTA in an ad online. I took the preview session and saw a way to put my invested funds in my control rather than that of the brokers and market movers. I am learning to trade like a 'pro' and believe that the education I receive by classroom and online training will put me in the driver's seat with my money. The support from the trainers and counselors has been amazing because they do not want to see you fail. The training is for a lifetime and the merits of the training will make that 'lifetime' worth living.”

“Online Trading Academy is the perfect place to earn your financial know-how at. I am happy to be one of your students.”

“Knowledge is truly powerful. Learned things that were truly eye opening about risk that I did not even know existed in the market. I feel that I will be able to trade now much more safely.”

“At the beginning it sounded like a gimmick, but the more you are involved and the more you take the classes the more you understand this is the correct way to go and learn how to trade at the stock market. The best is to learn from people who are actually traders and have been doing it for a while. So far I have taken classes with three different instructors and I can tell it is the best 'cause they will load you with valuable experience.”

“OTA has grown and matured since my original investment seven years ago and continues to be my go to source for professional talented instructors, helpful materials, good online content and a great personal touch. I always feel that the staff at the Charlotte OTA has my best interests at heart. Indeed, investing in OTA has been my best investment so far.”

“I am continually impressed with OTA and their continued evolution in order to meet, and exceed, the needs AND wants of the students. Deciding to be an OTA student will NEVER be a decision that I regret.”

“Everyone was very friendly and the place was kept very clean. There was plenty of parking space. The lunches were very good and there was always plenty to drink!”

“Online Trading Academy has far exceeded my expectations with their amazingly supportive staff and excellent instructors. You never feel cut off or isolated; there is always someone to call or email for help. They are sincerely trying to help you succeed, and they do very well at that!”

“Education is obtained through learning, experience or both; at OTA, all courses I have had the pleasure of taking have been conveyed through both via courses and instructors.”

“Instructors continue to impress, with real world knowledge making all material extremely relevant to my needs.”

“Love it. Everyone was very helpful, including the other students.”

“I would strongly suggest that anyone who thinks trading might be for them. to check out OTA.”


“The combination of quality course material and a phenomenal instructor created great learning. Hands on application cemented the learning.”

“This place was the catalyst for the change that I wanted in my life. ”

“Facility was great in Charlotte. Staff was very helpful and felt at home; even though I did have to drive four + hours to this location in order to see Bob Dunn.”

“I am coming up on 30 days with OTA. I have been exposed to 3 live (XLT) instructors and one on location class. All have been phenomenal. I have crammed hours of self learning in over these past weekends in anticipation of "putting it all together" during my PRO TRADER 1 course. Tre was one of the best instructors I have had for anything in my adult life. He was more than qualified to teach this class and he presented the information in a manner that everyone in the class could grasp. He met people where they are and that is hard to do in a class with people of all different backgrounds and skill levels. I look forward to my PRO FOREX course and am excited to keep the learning coming!!!”

“The curriculum OTA and its instructors provide are second to none. The options I now have to provide for myself and my family as a trader can be found with no other career path.”

“Your commitment to allowing students to take retakes is a major selling point. Hearing different perspectives will only help your knowledge of the markets. Thank you for offering this opportunity! ”

“OTA has lifted the veil, revealing the truth, and now it's clear there is no "Wizard of OZ" on Wall Street. The driving force behind the markets have been the banks and major investing agencies. Now I'm obtaining the tools and training from OTA to protect my money and make my money work for me rather than letting the "market makers" keep stealing it away.”

“I feel that I have been introduced to many tools that will give me the opportunity to positively change my financial future. I appreciate the honesty from everyone involved in my education that this will take work and time and is not a get rich quick scheme. I also like the fact that community support from the school is strongly suggested. So far the overall experience has been very positive.”

“I knew many of the concepts they discussed but had never implemented them nor thought of them in the context that OTA put them in relative to trading. They gave me real experience and insight as to how these concepts might be used to better manage my money. ”

“I would like to inform that OTA option instructors are great.....OTA has very knowledgeable and dedicated instructors who can EDUCATE anyone who has no idea about trading in a short time effectively to start successful trading business.”

“I have been looking for a long time for a school that not only teaches what tools to use to trade in the market but how the market really works and how I need to trade to be successful in it. FINALLY I have fond that at Online Trading Academy! They have great instructors, materials, a working relationship with the trading platform of choice, a very good facility, a growing community of traders, and weekly real time and trade activities to learn and profit from. I believe I will be a long time student of the Online Training Academy.”

“The instructors at OTA are absolutely excellent. Their knowledge base and their ability to bring those skills to the teaching arena have been instrumental in my evolution into trading. I began knowing practically nothing about trading and now have an excellent base to grow and become a successful professional trader. Amazing....Thank you OTA....this will transform my life.”

“I have quite a few classes at OTA and the learning experience has never disappointed me. ”

“The staff at OTA go out of their way to make your learning experience enjoyable.”

“OTA provides a wealth of knowledge to assist in managing my wealth and future income... The resources are phenomenal and sometimes overwhelming, but having it at your fingertips is reassuring.”


“I'm convinced these courses have made me a better and more confident trader. The system makes sense and has proven itself over and over.”

“Online Trading Academy has by far been the best educational investment that I have ever made. I have great respect for all of the staff and instructors, and thank them ALL for taking time to train new professional traders how to do it the "right" way.”

“I am very impressed with the quality of the facility and staff of OTA, but am most impressed with the approach to training new traders. The holistic approach of identifying trading opportunities, proper risk management, successful trade execution, and addressing the psychological framework for trading is the route that I feel would best prepare students for a successful trading career. Making the student feel that they can successfully trade the markets without losing everything is a major hurdle overcome. Wish I had spent my money on education instead of losing trades!”

“I learned more about trading in two weeks here than in two years of study on my own. I feel very confident about my future income potential no matter what happens in the world or to the markets.”

“There is no better place to learn about the trading than OTA. You walk out with the tools and direction to become successful!”

“There is no instructional trading course that compares with OTA!”

“After finishing the course I am much more confident that I will be successful in trading in the future, and that education must not stop at any level. Education, training and practice will help me to achieve my goals and Online Trading Academy is the perfect place to do that.”

“I truly enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the class and the staff. The instructor took the time to answer questions and help with the trading skills, as did students helping each other and sharing ideas.”

“I learned all of the wrong ways to trade before I came to OTA. I paid for other educational courses and still lost money. What sets OTA apart is that they take you from the very beginning, teach you the basics, teach you a methodology, and then when and how to apply it. It is the complete package. They leave nothing out. I really feel like I can go home and begin to do this now. And the great thing is, if I go home and get confused, I still have a support system to fall back on, either through the center, XLTs, or even the network of students I went through class with. ”

“Wonderful girls in the office. The owner is very polite and friendly. The coffee is good. Lunches are very nice... I appreciate the food gift. I am so encouraged and hopeful each time I learn a little bit more.”

“When you are so hungry for knowledge time flies so fast! The same is true when you are having fun! we can't believe how fast these 5 days have gone by. Also enjoyed meeting new people with whom we hope to stay in contact with!”

“Best value for dollar that I have seen in years.”

“I've traded for years and made many expensive mistakes. Now that I've gone through almost all of the offered courses, I feel that I can go from losing money to consistently making money. As they say, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ”

“Online Trading Academy will provide the knowledge and confidence needed for any individual to trade all asset classes.”

“The course is quite educational. I have learned a great deal in the two classroom settings and a good deal in the online student study lobby. I would recommend for anyone serious about getting into trading the market.”

“My wife and I are very pleased with the course pace and content. The coaches, support staff and training center are the best. It seems like every possible angle has been thought of and provided to make positive outcomes a reality! Thank you!”

“I received excellent instruction. It was time and money well spent.”

“Online Trading Academy is the absolute best provider of education for Day Trading and Investing. The lifetime student provision allows for continual growth in learning and practical application. Plus, the teachers ALL practice and trade what they teach, which grounds the authenticity of the Academy. I would recommend Online Trading Academy without hesitation to anyone considering the field of Financial Markets as a means of income or investment.”

“I have truly enjoyed my learning experience with Online Trading Academy and look forward to learning even more. Now to put it all into practice!!”

“Online Trading Academy was the best place for me to increase my trading skills. Charlotte was a friendly environment for learning and meeting new traders on the road to trading success.”

“After moving several times and sitting on the sidelines, 20+ years due to frustration with the market, I was looking to gain enough knowledge and skill to be able to fire my financial advisor and look for someone I could work with hand-in-hand. I came across Online Trading Academy and convinced my wife to join me at, what now I believe to be, the best financial decision I've made in my life! Although still early in the process, I've been exposed to personnel, resources and training that have already shown fruit and positive outcome. I look forward to my continued growth and experience. I know now that the financial advisor I was looking for is within me, and the training, experience and resources to support my financial decision are at my reach. Thank You, Online Trading Academy!”

“I have found the staff and quality of course material very helpful. I am eager to put what I've learned in the classroom into practice!”

“If you really want to know how to trade, get to an Online Trading Academy Center near you!”

“Enjoy the investment that the staff makes in my goals, that will allow me to reach my financial goals.”

“Setting me on a path for a better life. ”

“The classes and long term educational opportunities available with the Online Trading Academy have immediate and enduring value.”

“Friendly atmosphere with a very competent instructor.”

“Myself and my wife knew very little about trading, only that we knew we needed knowledge prior to coming to the school. We have been taught in a professional and appropriate manner, with a basic groundwork and fundamentals in place to continue on our quest to manage our own retirement accounts and to understand how others are managing our money. We would recommend this school to anyone who is looking at a good, sound and practical approach to trading.”


“This course is my first experience with the Trading Academy. I enjoyed the various methods that knowledge was provided me: text, visual, lecture, classroom exercises. My understanding of the financial markets, the revelations about the techniques that professional traders and market makers have over the novice, and the key decisions that each risk manager should consider is invaluable. I only wish that I had this opportunity earlier in my financial career.”

“I feel everyone could benefit from learning about economics through these classes, whether they intend to trade or not.”

“Truly worth every penny. I have never found this level of instruction offered by others. A life changing seven days.”

“I can gladly say that I now get the picture. On my first day of class, Pro Trader class, I was totally lost, thought I was not ever going to "get the picture" and worried that the expense of the class was lost. After today's class I can see the light. I understand what this is about and am looking forward to trading. THANK YOU.”

“The care and concern for the students is truly genuine and displayed by all the Online Trading Academy staff. I am excited to see my prospects for the future and the opportunities available like I have never known them before in my trading career. This curriculum is head and shoulders above anything available!”

“The structure of this course and material covered has well exceeded my exceptions. I was hesitant at first to make the initial investment to come to Online Trading Academy. My only regret now is that I did not join sooner. No, I was not paid to write this! I will be continuing my education here for as long as possible. Thanks Online Trading Academy Staff.”

“In an ever difficult economy it's hard to believe that this program actually provides a light at the end of our financial tunnels. Sit down, keep an open mind, take control of your life.”

“What I liked best: The professionalism of the instructor and Online Trading Academy as a whole. The manuals include a large amount of information I can go to in the future.”

“Being greeted with courtesy and genuine smiles is a terrific way to start one's day. Online Trading Academy staff has a corner on this market.”

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