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We’re proud to serve our community by offering you the best in financial education at our state-of-the-art center. Since 1997, Online Trading Academy has been committed to teaching professional-level trading skills through a systematic rules-based methodology. We’re located in Cornelius, just a few minutes north of Charlotte and just off I-77; take exit 28, head west on Catawba Ave. Turn left on Jetton Rd; our building is on the right at 19720 Jetton Rd. Learn more.

We invite you to join us for an upcoming course or workshop. Our experienced instructors and staff are here to help you achieve your financial goals. As an Online Trading Academy student, you’ll become part of a community of traders and investors committed to success.

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March 26

Free Half-Day Class - Remote

1:00 PM North Charleston Register
March 26

Free Half-Day Class - Remote

6:00 PM North Charleston Register
March 27

Free Half-Day Class - Remote

10:00 AM Mt. Pleasant/Charleston Register

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What Our Students Are Saying

“The staff/team at OTA Charlotte is AMAZING! They are so friendly, hospitable and RESPONSIVE!! My experience in the Forex class was GREAT! Alex Perna is an AWESOME instructor! The material was broken down into "tiny, digestible chunks" and really easy to understand. With a li'l more practice, I know that I am on my way to creating the additional income that my family needs.”

, March 2019

“In the past two and a half years I’ve probably made about 175-250 demo trades. I’ve never seen but a small handfull that didn’t go in the wrong direction. If I would have been using real money, it would have been a disaster! Very few of those demo trades came anywhere near being profitable. Most of those demo trades were made in Forex maybe 1-15 pips to the good. Very few of them were ever consistently profitable. So when I was introduced to OTA Core Strategy I immediately recognized the value of knowing where retail and wholesale prices are. Because I did not know how to hit a target I could not bring myself to do live trading with real money. I had no confidence in my understanding. What was mostly the case for me was chasing price in the middle. Along with over trading and many other mistakes I became dismayed with any hope of being a successful trader. Although it is possible to make some small gains chasing price in the middle, it works out to be at best a break even scenario. It’s clear to me that my education with OTA will forever alter my economic trajectory for a better future. OTA has the missing pieces of the puzzle that can literally and materially alter a person’s financial well-being. Finding these puzzle pieces was very difficult for me to obtain on my own. Reflecting on all that OTA has to offer, my obtaining a better skill level seems very doable. I’m a new student with OTA. Enrolled in the Mastermind Community and the real time on-demand tools are incredible. I am looking forward to continuing learning how to become a successful trader. Just the excitement of using the Core Strategy process and initially applying it to several successful demo trades was a real confidence booster for me. At this point in my journey I have only a limited amount of skill. I am confident that with taking in live classes, the XLTs and all the educational material available in (My OTA) my skill level should get better. The most important personal discovery for me from taking this class was the importance of not stopping my forward momentum. With this class, I became very aware of how important it is for me to keep pressing forward on a weekly basis. Alex is an incredible instructor with the ability to make the complex understandable.”

, March 2019

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Online Trading Academy Charlotte, NC

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