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“Online Trading Academy teaches one of the best trading strategies among the world. Which is very accurate. We do not only earn money but also we can enjoy the way we earn money by this strategy.”

“I have enjoyed and learned many new things here which will definitely help me to achieve my target to be a professional trader. Instructor Kapil is awesome. I thank all staffs of OTA Bangalore for their help and co-operation during the calls to make this as success.”


“Highly focused in education using principles of logic, rational and scientific outlook and based on analytical reasoning and on innovation. Such complex approach was made so simple for even older laymen people like me to grasp the subject, which I feared it wouldn't be possible for me to understand. I profusely thank Fajita sir, the instructor who absorbed all our questions and patiently went about answering all our doubt. And thanks to Deprave sir, the computer in charge who smiling helped us with the system as we old people are not computer savvy.”

“Having attended the one day workshop given by Neeraj Gagoi, OTA core strategy course delivered what it promised. My first step into trading thru OTA and under the guidance of Ajit Mahuli gave me the confidence to finalize my decision to become professional Trader. The life time retake and online classes offer continuous guidance and education.”

“With this knowledge now I feel quite positive and strongly believe that with this knowledge I can go further in this filed to change my hobby into a full time career. Thanks to Ajit and OTA.”

“The method is very good and process oriented. It will need lot of effort for each participant to get the steps well .......but once implemented well, success is guaranteed.”

“Yes, I enjoyed my program & would like to recommend to my friends as it gave me knowledge & confidence in the Stock Market & trading platform.”

“This shall help me to avoid big losses and trade with 40 to 50% strike rate and have steady income. Looking forward to do that.”

“I attend a lot of professional courses every year, but this was the best course I ever did. A very good investment of time and money.”

“Very good for beginners and even for part time traders who want to get started from scratch in share market by their own. Demand and supply strategy is the most powerful way to get into the trade, which been taught in the class. Trainer is really good, has in-depth knowledge of share market and trading strategies. Thanks to Trainer (Shyamala) for sharing her knowledge and experience with us.”

“When trading, I thought OTA converts it into a passion - a discernible one.”

“I am a novice trader and quite impressed with the systematic approach to trading. There is logic in the process and its emphasis on data to drive trading decisions is cool. Great team of student support too.”

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