Baltimore, MD - Student Testimonials

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“I am highly impressed by the quality of education, both theory and practice, offered by Online Trading Academy. The instructors demonstrated extensive experience in trading and made the course enlightening.”

“It’s important to meet like-minded people. The camaraderie was fantastic.”

“I am really impressed with the class and practical real life exercises. This is the best education I have ever had in reference to stocks and day trading. The training is broken down to the simplest level for anyone to be able to pick it up and apply it in real life situations. I will recommend OTA to anyone interesting stocks or day trading.”


“I signed up with OTA a several years ago but got distracted off in different directions and just have not been doing anything with my original training. I was quite surprised to get a call that suggested that I take an updated Core Strategy training. At this training, we were exposed to the new beta platform that OTA was working was on-- what an unexpected pleasant experience. WOW! What a program.”

“OTA has the best trading education. No one else comes close.”

“I really feel I am learning how to take charge of my retirement and protect my assets for the future. Initially skeptical since I am a cautious person by nature and aware of all the financial guru pitches out there that promise the world, I now believe the OTA courses I have attended will fulfill my wishes to protect my future.”

“I truly enjoyed the experience of learning to trade, and the enthusiasm the staff showed me and encouragement they gave me made me want to expand my learning from them.”

“I came to the half-day program without high expectations. After participating in various "opportunity/wealth building" classes from other sources, I really did not expect much. However, with each class that I attended; my interest increased. Moreover, my knowledge and experience increased. This is not like any other program. Other programs give you knowledge and leave you out there on your own without support (at least without a significant amount of additional cash). This program is nothing like that. The instructors and other members really take an interest in your development. The program does not end with the class. It continues with the ability to check in on your status. That part is invaluable. I look forward to doing more.”

“Online Trading Academy is really a blessing. The information we learn here is really rewarding and eye opening. There is so much we do not know when it comes to protecting your hard-earned money but most of all having someone else to manage your future and your family's generations. The staff and every instructor have every student's best interest at heart. I am so humbly grateful and thankful to be a part of this family community. I would like to see as many people as possible come to just see what we really don't know about our money and the markets that control all of the money and assets.”

“This is the best training class that I have ever taken for information on trading. They leave no stone "unturned." Their foundation is very solid. I am also truly impressed with their unique trading platform (CliK). You can tell that a lot of thought went into this program and they are still advancing and getting better and adding more products for the students’ success. There is so much online training for you to attend along with technical and knowledge support. Lastly, the presentation by the owner, Chris Koomey, was very impactful to make you examine and identify your priorities and goals.”

“Becoming successful at trading is going to take work and dedication but Core Strategy provides an excellent starting point and chance of success I wouldn't have had without OTA. The Baltimore center provides great service and I particularly appreciated the time spent by Chris, center owner, in coming in to talk with the class.”

“OTA is phenomenal. The instructors are experts and there are many, many opportunities to learn at your own pace and in the style of learning that fits you individually.”

“OTA's Core Strategy continues to grow and improve as it adapts to changing market environments and refinements. The basics they teach here translate to multiple time frames and assets. It is the basis for all kinds of market trading with an eye to risk management and attainable targets with strong and reliable analysis.”

“I came in not knowing anything about the markets or charts. All I had was a desire to learn so that I can begin to accomplish my goals. Boy, I got more than I imagined. Tom Jenkins (the instructor) brought the charts and candles to life for me and provided me a foundation to build on.”

“I truly enjoyed the Online Trading Academy program thus far. I earned a master’s in finance, however, the material and level of teaching regarding trading and the stock market at OTA far exceeds what I have learned about the topics in my finance classes. The OTA instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable. I highly recommend OTA; it is top notch!”

“OTA is a great place to learn all aspects of trading the market”

“I really felt like the OTA Core Strategy class was easy to understand and approachable. If you know nothing about trading, this is the place to be. If you already know a little, this will help you see the markets in a new, intuitive way so that you're never guessing. Excellent experience. Joe Borowy”

“Online Trading Academy is a great program and I would encourage anyone I know or I will meet to come and learn the strategies to better manage their wealth or to make extra income.”

“Sue O'Grady and the Baltimore OTA staff were gracious and very helpful. They answered all our questions and made sure we understood the basic concepts of options trading. Sue made complex concepts easy to understand by breaking down the process into small steps. The OTA facilities and lunch was also awesome!”

“OTA is a superior program, with much investment of time and interest on the part of the owner, Chris Koomey. All members of the Elkridge staff (especially Liz and Mike, and Neke), and especially the instructors I have had (Kurt Kiddoo, Scott Margioglio, Louise Carr, and Jamie Guenther).”

“As a re-take student, it's been very beneficial. I have been able to learn new things, but more importantly, become more comfortable with the platform and taking the leap with using real money vs. sim trades.”

“The Courses are life changing and an eye opener for me personally. ”

“I am so thankful for the incredible investment OTA has made in my wife and me. I can't wait to see the amazing things that will be happening in my life as a result of this training.”


“OTA has the best instructors. In every class I've taken, including Loren in this options class, instructors have a passion for their field of trading. Every time I take a class or re-take, it motivates me to keep learning more and to trade more.”

“With its outstanding program and techniques, OTA's exceptionally skilled & successful instructors and staff created a wonderful learning environment nestled in camaraderie and enthusiasm for the friendly students from all walks of life that OTA attracts.”

“Once you realize that you truly know nothing about the vast opportunity being presented, the possibilities for income and future wealth are not only in your hand but within your Grasp. You can't help being enthusiastic about creating a better life through this industry.”

“OTA provides great instructors and is committed to providing and improving online classes and tools. There is no reason to fail if you commit your time to the effort. You can choose your areas of investment focus and build your skills using their classes. ”

“Core Strategy is precisely the type of education I have been looking for to teach me a solid trading foundation. I previously attended "You Tube U" and learned bits and pieces about trading in the markets, but nothing cohesive. Core Strategy brings it all together so I can see the Big Picture in what is possible, and exactly how to formulate my plan to get there from here. I'm excited about all the possibilities that are now percolating after taking this class and meeting with my counselor again.”

“I believe OTA is a very beneficial program to help others achieve their financial freedom. They provide various opportunities with the tools and staff to help anyone achieve their financial goals.”

“If you have a little age, sometimes you think you won't recall as much. That is no problem here at the Academy. If your heart is there the instructors give you every opportunity to be successful. A wonderful experience.”

“My name is Charles Campbell. Myself, like a lot of people from my city have always felt the need to improve my situation. After fleshing out some ideas, OTA just made the most sense and I am coming in the door with confidence and a hunger to learn from a field that I am very much interested in. Online Trading Academy is the perfect place for anyone who is willing to take risks and make sacrifices to learn a specific well tested skill that will enhance your ability to play in the market. OTA is for the most diligent and disciplined. You will reap the benefits of hard work , focus and repetition. For me, there were very minor doubts in my decision to join OTA. Once I attended my first class I could not be more happy and proud of myself. I know for a fact I will succeed. With the instructors and all the people involved, OTA provides you with all the tools to be successful. It's up to you to use them.”

“Despite being dedicated and having the desire, I would strongly advise any new trader not to rush in. Receive and accept what OTA teaches. Use that knowledge on a non-threatening simulator when you get home. Work out your trading plan and finally put it into practice. At that point you'll be able to do so with confidence. OTA gives you the tools.”

“This training is/was INVALUABLE to me! I've been trading Stocks and Options for 18 years and wasn't using a structured method for trading and NEVER knew anything about SZ/DZ. Always knew about odds enhancers, but never knew how to use/apply them to my trades. I can't write everything I've benefitted from in this short comment, but I am TOTALLY recommending this school and the 5 start education I'm getting here. I've been profitable, but know I expect to be even more profitable after my training.”

“The information and knowledge that is shared here at the academy is way above superb. The staff are professionals and provide excellent student support. It is truly an awesome experience for being in this environment. I would recommend this learning opportunity to everyone who really wants to advance in learning in the financial market.”

“I would highly recommend OTA for anyone seeking to become financially independent and successful, with the freedom do what they enjoy most in life. ”

“The center was wonderful. The staff and instructors were so gracious and caring. The teaching we received was exceptional with Rehman. He was so entertaining, and clear on all his material. We had a wonderful classroom and great lunches each day. The building had great parking, very clean and bright. Great for a learning center. Glad I discovered the Academy.”

“The center is top notch. Everyone is friendly and willing to help with whatever, in any way possible. Parking is plentiful and close to the building. The facility is clean.”

“Online Trading Academy provides excellent training in technical trading. I am so impressed with the training staff and the course content. The investment I made to take this class seemed like a lot of money when I made it, but this program is excellent. Because of the quality of the training and the materials as well as the opportunity for ongoing support, I know that the only barriers to becoming a good trader are the limitations of my own time, dedication and attitude. ”

“OTA will teach you real strategies that work whatever financial market you are in. Their experience is world renowned; you really learn from the best of the best.”

“OTA has excellent instructors. There so many opportunities to learn. OTA also has great support for students after class is done.”

“I would recommend OTA to everyone who is interested in trading! Tom was amazing, Sonny and the team make you feel like family. It is very apparent how passionate they are in teaching. I am so happy I made this life changing investment!”

“Instructor was terrific in keeping us engaged and encouraged. We covered so many things that I wondered if I was getting it all. Then, as we did some exercises on the computer, I was shocked to realize that I had learned much more than I thought I had. I can't wait to start practicing finding zones and setting up trades when I get home!”

“I am looking forward to my trading career and future. I have met some of the most amazing people in the OTA community. I have not been this excited about anything goal orientated in a very long time!!!! Thank you, OTA.”

“I love the program, it was very helpful in my life and in learning and understanding how trading works.”

“Very thorough, very hands on and very practical teaching.”

“When I signed up for this class I thought it was a one and done. That is not the case with OTA. This is a community of very knowledgeable and experienced people that want us to success. I am really looking forward to my continuing education here and reaching my goals.”

“Liz runs a wonderful center - it is immaculate, well-organized, provides a warm and welcoming environment. She is always cheerful, pleasant, and friendly to each and every person with whom she comes in contact. Bradley is the epitome of what an Educational Support person needs to be: experiences, enthusiastic, possessing much expertise and experience. And the Education Counselors (Joe, Joel, and Mike), as well as the Director, Eric, each play a vital role in making the "wheels turn" at the Elkridge Center. They are all very friendly and welcoming, show genuine interest in each and every student, and are always 'there for you.'”


“The core class was a real time real world market experience that allows you to trade and learn in real time. I would recommend this class to anyone who is serious about trading.”

“Enjoyed the program which gave me invaluable tools to analyze what the charts are saying. Couldn't have done it without OTA. Thank You.”

“I had no knowledge of trading and attending the Core Strategy class was very informative. If there is anyone I know who is interested in trading, I would definitely recommend Online Trading Academy. The instructors are very knowledgeable of their trading strategies.”

“Not having any trading background, the course has been very informative. I recommend the course to anyone interested in learning to do any kind of trading whether it's Futures, Stocks, Options, or Forex. The instructors are very knowledgeable of the strategies that they are teaching you to learn.”

“I've always been intrigued by the world of investing but at the same time intimidated by it as well. The technical analysis always seems like a foreign language I couldn't wrap my head around. OTA has broken the science of chart analysis down layer by layer. The way the program is designed you'll learn AS YOU GO. From the live classes to the XLT and online resources -it's all there. With the professionals as instructor "giving back"; It's WIN/WIN. Simply awesome how they can take a novice and imparted not only the knowledge but also the confidence to thrive in this field. I'm a skeptic by nature, but OTA has made a believer out of me. I will be a very successful trader and maybe even an instructor for OTA. Winnie48”

“I am really thankful to have access to this academy for the rest of my life. I am well pleased with the professionalism and wealth of information the staff and instructors provide every time I attend a class. They treat you like family and they are always supportive. Great job team! Thanks a million!”

“It was a worthwhile experience attending the course on Core Strategies in trading. The course provided a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of stock trading, specifically the principles behind a "confident trade" which included reading chart patterns, market trend, and volume, as well as mistakes to avoid when starting as a novice trader. I particularly like the hands-on learning through simulation and live trading with the TradeStation.”

“I have been trying to learn trading on my own for years. I took an online course a few years ago taught by an excellent trader but a less than fair teacher, and thought that would be the answer- but it was not. It did not provide the detail I have learned this week- the specific strategy AND the teaching by experienced traders is fantastic. The commitment to the students' success by the owner of the center as well as all the employees and traders is phenomenal. I'm halfway through and have already made 3 highly profitable trades. Additionally, having a community of others who understand trading is a tremendous benefit for continuing on.”

“The class was informative, interactive, and inspirational! Awesome location, excellent parking, staff were accommodating with questions and concerns. Friendly classroom environment conducive to learning.”

“Great place to set your self up to control your finances in retirement. Fabulous people and a great community. Do it. CW Weaver”

“Online Trading Academy is absolutely necessary if anyone wants to become a trader and make consistent money in the markets. Their patented strategy is everything its advertised to be and now that I have this knowledge it makes complete sense that people lose money in the markets. OTA is a must take for anyone considering trading any form of assets.”

“The trading academy curriculum is outstanding. I have really enjoyed the core strategy class. A real eye opener on how the market works. The staff and instructors are outstanding and very helpful. A lot of great material. It is a lot of work but if you are committed and are willing to put in the time, you can be a very successful trader.”

“Don't be afraid to check this out. The instructors and the people involved are absolutely wonderful and they want you, as a student, to be successful in the trading world. Having talked to other people who are investing on their own, I would say that you have to completely ignore the normal way of doing things and learn this new technique. Read, watch the videos that are available and practice, practice, practice.”

“Coming with already an edge to trading, the amount of information that is supplied to you on the first couple days is probably more than I have learned in a year on my job. Oh, did I mention that I deal with mutual funds and retirement products as a Senior Annuity Specialist for a large financial institution? OTA introduces a wealth of information that can be advantageous to anyone, person or group of people, that are willing to learn it.”

“So far the program has exceeded my expectations. OTA does everything to help their students succeed. The resources provided are great and allow me to study around my schedule. I am excited about learning and can't wait until the next class!”

“Best Forex training I have ever attended. Classrooms are well equipped. Personnel are friendly and ready to go extra lengths to help.”

“Online Trading Academy has given me the tools to get started in trading and offers many resources and great support to help me master my skills. I feel I have options and more control over my future now and feel that my investment in this education was a great decision. Many thanks to the staff at the OTA Baltimore center as they have been incredibly supportive and have a great attitude.”

“The one thing that seems to be consistent with the instructors that I have had the pleasure of meeting, is that they all seem genuine about helping people beyond the realm of their obligation as an instructor, beyond the provided material.”

“Before I came through the doors of OTA, I was truly skeptical. I thought it would be one of those places that just took your money. But once I took the free course, it warmed me up for the next course; now I am speaking from a student's perspective. You honestly learn a skill/trade that you can take with you. What sold me on the whole thing was the LIFETIME SUPPORT AND FAMILY you have with OTA. They welcome you back in their doors whenever you want. To be able to come back and retake courses to make sure your skill is sharp!! So, thank you for the opportunity to be able to earn an extra income that has an endless ceiling (don't worry, I know it has an endless bottom, but that's why we have a STOPS-LOSS).”

“The OTA classroom is one of the most relaxing, friendly and successful learning environments I've ever been a part of. Every student is eager and determined to learn as the instructors bring their A-game to teach.”

“I came in with experience trading stock and options. I had the ability to make money on the long term but needed the tools to generate larger returns in shorter time periods. I also needed to have a strategy that would help me manage my money for the rest of my life. I got what I needed. Thanks”

“I Loved the class. The information presented in the Student Orientation and Core Strategy videos were confirmed by an experienced and seasoned trader. These classes also showed the commitment of OTA to their students, by having an instructor of such high quality discuss the basics with those of us who are new to Trading.”


“There is a palatable passion and enthusiasm among the OTA community that will very likely motivate you to create a better future for yourself, your dependents and your close associates ”

“OTA really put me on positive footing for trading. Elkridge OTA center is a very good learning center. Great hospitality.”

“The program is a wonderful tool to understanding the markets and how you can participate in trading. The access to the resources available is one of the key benefits. The instructors are pros in the field. And the program creates a community of pros and beginners that come together for a common goal of trading, teaching and learning.”

“Will never be able to express how thankful I am to have come to the Academy without any reference. I believe this is God's way of directing my path to a company with good mentors and friends to help me in the path. I came to the class not knowing my left from my right, I am leaving the class with a wealth of education. This is just the beginning of a life long journey for me, and it is exciting already. ”

“OTA is a professional place to learn trading without guessing. Learn to follow rules and succeed.”

“EXTREMELY FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL!!!! I appreciate how willing they are to work with you to get you into the asset class that you want to be in. They are just great all around. The office was always clean, and the small class sizes really help with the one on one experience. The Online Trading Academy is more than likely the BEST education you can get on how to trade the stock market without actually working on Wall Street. I'm more than grateful for attending class here.”

“The program exceeded my expectations for informational content and professional instruction. All students in the class are treated as if they were the only student when any questions were posed. The instruction was supplemented by comprehensive handouts and visual instructional aides. Look forward to my ongoing learning experiences at OTA. Thanks OTA from Yasmin Elkhair.”

“Online Trading Academy provides a good foundation for online trading. When I came to the school the first time I wasn't sure of what to expect, but after hearing what the school has to offer I decided to give it a try. Ever since I crave for more, especially the live classes delivered by the most experienced in the industry. A day does not pass by without me listening to an XLT video. Center is clean and quiet. There's ample parking both in the front and back of the building. Everyone that works there knows each student by name and that makes a difference.”

“I've been with online Trading Academy for almost 2 years now and I've been continually impressed with the resources and facilities and staff. An awesome experience for the novice trader.”

“Everyone at the center is helpful and friendly. The center feels like home! No complaints from me!”

“After a second class with OTA, I appreciate the program to an even greater degree. The instructors are passionate about what they teach and can address both basic and complex issues effectively. Students of the market should all investigate OTA's comprehensive program. The staff at OTA Elkridge are embracing, enthusiastic and friendly. They all work towards helping you launch your career in trading and check on your progress in a supportive but not too intrusive way.”

“I definitely enjoyed the program 100%. Tom has a huge wealth of knowledge in the Trading Industry. At times I got distracted with the worries of my regular 9 to 5 job, but Tom always said something, unintentionally, that brought me back to the Trading World. By far, I have never experience this type of personal attention from any other business that I've encountered. The staff here at the Baltimore Academy has been great and everyone kept things professional, catered to each individual's needs, and always put the students first. Great job Team!”

“The center and the staff and instructors are all nice. What I liked the most is that they make you feel like family. Actually, they are a family; their community is well engaging and makes you feel confident of what you doing.”

“OTA hosts the most engaging, supportive, and comprehensive classes to help jump start your trading adventure. When I took the class, I was 20. There was a giant age range spanning from 13 through 60's . This is truly for all ages. Everyone worked amazingly as a team. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and is a former student himself. Being that he was a former student, he could easily bring his explanations down to our level. With this strategy, you don't have to be right 100% of the time to be profitable. With the class, you get access to everything you could ever need. Pro picks are posted every day and there are many other online classes to watch and attend at your leisure. Once a part of OTA, they never leave your side.”

“Complete support throughout this week, and more importantly, throughout all of my dealings with Baltimore OTA. Assistance with any question or issue is addressed immediately. The positive energy in the center makes being around the support team exceptional.”

“I absolutely enjoy this program. I wish to have more of this kind of training.”

“OTA & Steve Misic delivered another extremely informative and useful course packed with actionable subject matter presented in a professional manner. Well worth the price of admission. Thanks! ”

“Fantastic and comprehensive introduction to a very complex and productive topic. Can't wait to get started with the follow-on extended learning.”


“I believe that one of the main reasons I decided to take courses at Online Trading Academy is because when I first came to the free 3 hour class, they did not promise me that I would take the course with them and be rich. I did not hear empty promises, rather, they were truthful about what they do, who they are and what I should expect from the classes.”

“OTA is a down to earth learning experience that teaches skills in real time to be used in real time. Regardless of trading experience, the instructors and support staff encourage and help every student to discover their own inner trader.”

“I knew absolutely NOTHING about the financial markets prior to coming to OTA. Now, I can confidently sit down at a computer and read charts and make financial decisions to make money in the financial trading markets.”

“Very happy to take this course, I have so much to learn but am very excited to be on this journey. Thanks to such an engaging instructor who has encouraged us all that we CAN. It is a mental game as much as it is a skill to learn trading and this makes it a journey for your mind and mental strength as much as anything else. ”

“OTA is the real deal. If you want to learn how to trade, this is the place to.”

“The instructors at OTA made trading relatable to me. It's all starting to make sense and it's only my 2nd day!”

“This has been an exceptionally effective course to introduce me to the world of stock trading. Classroom facilities and equipment are very appropriate and effective for the class. Instructor, students and environment all supported a good learning environment.”

“My experience with OTA was exceptional. Course content was made very easy to understand and the instructor was considerate of everyone and their learning process.”


“I enjoyed learning about the "OTA" way of day trading. I learned how to trade and make money by following the "rules." It has been a week of a success strategy.”

“I really enjoyed this class. Helped me really understand how to be a professional trader. Very glad that I came across this academy before any others.”

“Five times this week the demand zones were hit. That shows me that this will work.”

“I really enjoyed the class. It has increased my knowledge of trading and increased my ability to read candle charts and use them to my advantage. Looking forward to my next class!”

“As an investor seeking to learn day trading, during the class I identified areas to improve my investing acumen and increase my investment portfolio. I also received the desired fundamental knowledge to become a day trader.”

“Wash/ Baltimore folks are absolutely great - every day.”

“I'm new to trading. The only thing I knew about the stock market is what my Financial Adviser told me. I always thought it was too complicated but Online Trading Academy is showing me the right way to invest. I still have a learning curve but with the Online Trading Academy system and my willingness to learn, I'm confident that I'll be a successful trader within 3 to 6 months.”

“I am happy with what I have learned. Thanks.”

“Excellent service.”

“I walked through these doors with no trading experience and I'm walking out with enough knowledge and guidance to become a successful trader!”

“If you are serious about wanting to trade, Online Trading Academy classes are the place to be. Although they may seem expensive, a few good trades can more than cover the costs.”

“My experience here was as always AWESOME!! I see only excellence here when I come and that is amazing. The instructors/the whole crew here are awesome and it is very pleasant to have a family atmosphere. You don't get that very often anywhere.”

“Typical Online Trading Academy experience (excellent). I came well prepared for this class by 4-5 weeks of viewing XLT trades and lessons - particularly lessons from this instructor. As a result, I had the skills for TradeStation and the major trade strategies (8-89, opening gap, etc). The value of the class was the reinforcement of the instruction and the refinement of techniques. This is the best way to prepare for these classes - particularly for this instructor.”

“While my learning curve is steep, the skill of the instructors and the relaxed atmosphere enables a huge amount of absorption. ”

“Online Trading Academy offers the best financial education and training that I have seen and puts students on a path to true financial freedom!”


“As someone with previous market experience as a Sales Trader with a bulge-bracket bank, I still didn't know how to trade. I am now confident I will manage, preserve, and grow my capital while improving my lifestyle, now that I am a part of the Online Trading Academy family. Thank you for providing a quality service.”

“This class was intended for the novice trader to get their hands off the ground and start with an advantage that other traders don't. The basic foundation offered by Online Trading Academy offers a higher probability of success, giving their students more confidence to make the correct decisions in trading. I highly recommend it to all who are interested in trading as a business.”

“The classroom environment was truly helpful and allowed us to meet fellow students to help gain confidence. The Course was great for beginners.”

“This is my 4th Pro Trader class and every time I take the class there is more understanding that comes forth. I would suggest to take the retakes, they are awesome and it's for life.”

“Trading is a great way to exercise your brain at the same time as you build your nest eggs! All staff are very helpful and friendly. I am impressed that you can approach any Education Counselor (does not have to be your assigned one) to ask question. This is a great mentoring environment for beginners.”

“It was a great experience it will help me become the trader I should be and not who I was in the past with trading I was focused on the basics and look to expand my knowledge with forex and options classes in the future.”

“I was blind, now I can see.”

“The instructors and support coaches are the Best, they really seem to care about the students. These courses have already changed my life and I haven't even started trading yet!”

“Before I came here I thought I was always one step from figuring out how to trade this market. I believed that what I was doing was at least half way right, after taking this class I feel I am a new person and trader. I see all the flaws that I had before and now feel more confident that I can make this dream of trading a reality. I am so excited about joining a community that I can call home and grow with. I can't wait to talk and share with others my success I know I will have years from now. Thank you, Online Trading Academy.”

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