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A Message from Chris Koomey, President and Owner of Online Trading Academy Washington-Baltimore

As a business attorney in Northern Virginia for over 2 decades, I established and supported hundreds of growing businesses to help owners pursue their dreams. Since then, with the Online Trading Academy, I have been helping people in the DC-Baltimore region break free from conventional financial services approaches to pursue their financial dreams through their own personalized Income Strategy.

Our learning community focuses on helping students to identify what they are trying to accomplish and why - in addition to helping them identify their unproductive assets and identify more productive strategies. We teach in small classrooms in order to ensure personal attention for each student. Our foundation course, Core Strategy, is the optimal blend of classroom and online learning and application sessions. Students utilize the skills they have learned to make live trades in the market using real money - our money - as they practice trading in a safe environment with a professional terminal and an experienced instructor available to advise them every step of the way.

We offer classes on Stocks, Foreign Exchange (FX), Options, Futures, Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies, Taxation and Wealth Management. All courses come with retake and privileges, so if you don't fully understand a concept you can retake the course for no additional tuition. We also offer more advanced programs for students focused on maximizing their income and wealth strategies, and these have a retake learning option as well.

If you have heard about us through the Do It Yourself Investor Show, our community outreach efforts or from one of our ecstatic students, I'd like to welcome you and extend a personal invitation to get started for FREE with our half day class or an in person meeting with your Enrollment Specialist. You'll be introduced to our patented core strategy based on supply and demand and you will walk away with a better understanding of how to learn to achieve your financial targets as a Do It Yourself Investor. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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