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A Message from Chris Koomey, President and Owner of Online Trading Academy Washington-Baltimore

Welcome to Online Trading Academy Baltimore. Along with our sister center in DC, we’re proud to be part of a community in which a high percentage of students have served our country as members of the military, government or a related industry. We offer a supportive environment where you can get encouragement from fellow students as you discover a path to financial freedom which is open to anyone, regardless of your personal situation.

Through the Project Vets program, we’ve sponsored $1.5 million in scholarships for “Wounded Warriors” to get training at Online Trading Academy and help bring purpose, meaning and self-satisfaction back into their lives. Participants in this program are an inspiration, encouraging all of us to put aside preconceptions and limitations and take control of our financial future.

Online Trading Academy Baltimore offers the full Online Trading Academy curriculum in which students start with the Free Half-Day Class, proceed through our three-day market timing orientation, then begin to hone their skills in their preferred asset class (or multiple assets) under the guidance of expert instructors who are also master traders. Our classrooms are usually busy with new and returning students exchanging ideas and thriving on the exciting world of trading. Come join us — whether it’s for a visit, an orientation class, or to change your life with a new career as a trader or active investor.

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