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“OTA is the best place to learn trading. The program demystifies the process of trading. I recognize the importance of rules and guidelines rather than just luck.”

“Great experience, very structural, informative and enlightening. Came in knowing nothing about trading and now feel more confident on my trading journey. Bubble gum!”

“I always enjoy my classes at OTA. It is a lifelong education that helps build a skill that can be used for life!”

“It pays to retake classes every so often -- live as well as online. I learned some new things, got refreshed on basics, and caught up on the latest versions of tools. I now feel stronger as a trader.”

“Trading is not for the faint of heart and requires determination and discipline. OTA clears up a lot of the fear, by teaching you how to trade effectively.”

“If you want to learn to trade, look no further than OTA!”

“OTA has the most basic and efficient trading class I have ever attended. The instructors are outstanding and extremely gifted at conveying OTA's trading plan from beginning to end. They walk you through-- starting from the basics-- on a step-by-step basis. It's an experience you will never regret. Go for it.”

“Online Trading Academy truly cares about the success of their students, giving us so many avenues and tools to achieve financial freedom.”

“If you want to make trading a career, this is the best value for your money. It is, in effect, an investment club that becomes a way of life--and a very good one at that!”

“When you understand Core Strategy from OTA, you have the tools to be successful trading any asset class. It’s simple, really; learn the strategy, use the strategy, be consistent, and make money.”

“OTA instructors are absolutely amazing. And as far as the program goes, I love the way OTA sticks with you for a lifetime. This is worth pure gold. I have never had an educational experience so worthwhile. My only regret is that I did not start decades earlier. But I will be passing this learning on to my children as soon as I master it.”

“The family atmosphere here at OTA gives the impression that help will always be available and that we will reach our goals in trading. The rules-based strategy is fantastic. Trading Plan is very good in that it gives me a compass to work toward.”

“A joy to utilize CliK. CliK will allow me to spend more time finding the profitable trading zones instead of trying to put all of the parts to the plan together...the automation of the trading process makes it simpler to concentrate on the nuances of finding quality zones.”

“I am truly glad that I joined the Online Trading Academy program. The quality of the training and materials is outstanding. I have been trading on my own, off and on, and learning and studying from books and seminars, since the mid 80's. The OTA program is teaching me better strategies and has made me aware of the mistakes I was making in the past. I highly recommend this program.”

“I feel as though I can take the Core Strategy and specialized asset class that I've been taught and with confidence apply this in real-world trading with risk management.”

“Great classes and great student support system.”

“There is so much misinformation about OTA on the internet and it confused me. The real thing is just that- the REAL THING. I have been very impressed with the instructions, the materials, and especially the content of the courses I've taken so far. But it doesn't end there. It really is an Academy. The support and education continues after you've completed a course. I wish I had this education 45 years ago but at least I have it now. ”

“ If you plan to trade, start off with OTA. Learn the right way first and save yourself the pain of losing money and not knowing why. ”

“To learn stock, forex, or futures trading, I would recommend Online Trading Academy. The instructors have industry knowledge and can get you trading and profitable very quickly.”

“OTA does a great job of focusing on educating each person individually even though we go through the courses in a classroom setting. Helping us understanding how to trade is their mission and overall goal.”

“Course material is well done. Instructor explained everything in detail. Joe, MO and Brandon are very nice in helping all of us. Linda was awesome providing a wonderful environment to learn.”

“I have attended several classes and come away from each one feeling refreshed and eager to apply what I learned. The quality of the instructors at OTA is exceptional and everyone involved with the whole education process are simply "the best".”

“I have been with OTA since 2016 and the level of professionalism and the wealth of knowledge the instructors have is priceless. The support system is great and the education is like no other.”

“Before investing into something like this, I did my research. There's a lot of 'get rich quick' or 'make money trading' programs out there, but this is the only one I found that has proven results over and over again from real people. Their support is everything they advertise and makes sure they give you all the tools you need to become a successful trader without false promises or misleading statements. Worth every penny I paid!”

“I came to the class with trading experience. I have studied Wyckoff methods and looked at this class as being very similar. The rules and methods applied by Eric gave a sound foundation to a method I had never been able to accomplish in my self-studies. It is now time to establish my trading plan and follow these rules with practice. Thanks to all of the good people at OTA in Austin for this experience.”

“This is the first time I have truly understood economics and the monetary system. I can't wait to see what I can do with this!”

“Taking classes at OTA is like opening your eyes after a lifetime of being blind, there is no substitute for what is being taught.”

“I was very skeptical at first, but what changed my mind about the course is when labs class began. Applying what we learned in class to the live markets was spot on and all doubt was erased. It didn't only worked once but again and again on the same stock and on a different stock not even in the same class. Just follow the rules taught to you and you will succeed. Yes, tuition was the most scariest part, but a lot cheaper than a full college education.”

“OTA is a great investment to support your long term trading career. Support classes and live training sessions online and off with an instructor are highly valuable.”

“OTA has been fantastic. I have learned a great deal and really appreciate all the support and continuous education available. Only person to blame if OTA doesn't work is yourself.”


“The five day course seemed like one, time flew. Information gained was/is extremely helpful in building my confidence and giving me the tools to begin my journey in trading futures contracts. ”

“I was able to improve my trading confidence significantly by the end of the core strategy course. Going in, I expected to have 'slow' periods during the 7 days of instruction but I was wrong! The pace of the class was perfect and the instructor, John McHugh did an excellent job! I am now looking forward to my next series of classes to further enhance my newly gained skills.”

“Useful course in acquiring knowledge on how to trade options. Promises made on Monday AM were fulfilled during the week. Lots of time for practical experience doing simulated trading of the concepts.”

“The class was great and professional. The facility was well managed and the instructor showed us the practical side of the options market in great depth. ”

“This is my third class I have taken from OTA and I enjoyed and learned in every single class. The instructors are excellent.”

“I've had my family try to talk me out of coming here. I've even had someone tell me that this place was a scam and that OTA probably planted some people in the 3 day course to try to convince me to join. I'm SO glad I didn't listen to any of them. This course was very eye opening for me. After watching Kelly Boycks explain everything thoroughly and clearly, I'm now very confident that I will control my financial future and not let a "professional" lose a lot of money for me.”

“I would recommend this course to family and friends without hesitation. Having the ability to identify supply and demand zones will change the way I invest and trade from this point forward.”

“I took this class in 2011 and it had the greatest impact on my trading. I retook it in September 2018 and found the course is very much improved in the details as to how to define a plan, allocate resources, find and trade an entity and manage my wealth account with low risk and required return. Cathie Morrison is an outstanding teacher! The revitalized Austin office is much appreciated.”

“I can only say, the best training I have ever had in trading the market is at OTA; and I always advise others not to try trading until they have been trained to do so. I always recommend OTA as the best place to get that training.”

“I consider OTA's programs to be the best in the market. They have the best professional educators and the best support for their students. Every situation I needed help with was dealt with speed and accomplished with great satisfactions. Thank you, OTA.”

“OTA impressed me as a well thought out and professionally administered educational resource, offering multiple resources during and following courses to insure the success of any student who seriously follows the instructions and trading plan they provide.”

“Learning to trade stock seems overwhelming at first. But Online Trading Academy makes things much easier.”

“I would recommend anyone considering trading to take this course. Everyone here at the academy is very professional and treats everyone with respect.”

“OTA teaches me everything I need to be a trader, and I saw improvement in my results almost immediately!”

“The material is easy to follow along with the instruction as it is presented in a manner that even a novice can follow.”

“I was very scared of not understanding any of how to trade. Before OTA, I was YouTubing and researching on how to trade but I would not go anywhere. I'm glad for OTA; you guys make it easy to learn, and simplify it for us, the students. I will defiantly continue with my education with OTA. I am excited, motivated and happy to make this choice in life that I know my future me will thank me for.”

“I can't imagine how any novice could conquer the complex process of consistent successful trading without a rules based system, & I haven't run across any system of instruction that makes it any easier or does more to assure the success of the dedicated student than Online Trading Academy. The beauty of this system is the universal application of its process to almost all forms of investment.”

“I was introduced to OTA by a friend, and after giving them a try, they have exceeded my expectations. On top of that, they appreciated my military service and worked out an incredible plan for me. ”

“This is a great program designed to teach and empower anyone who is willing to learn and apply the process in making money and changing his or her entire life. It's all about 'financial freedom'.”

“The key to success in any endeavor is knowledge and a burning desire to become great. OTA will provide you the education, you just have to bring the desire and drive to continue learning.”

“Everyone interested in becoming profitable in the market by minimizing the risk should take this class. OTA has amazing resources for students to rely on. The instructors are very well versed in the subjects they are teaching, They are passionate and motivate the students to become better.”

“Online Trading Academy is in for the long haul. Its founders have a vision of more than just educational courses to help you become a trader and to help you manage your own retirement investments, the OTA actually creates the tools, methods and resources to help you reduce time and risk, as well as to improve your success.”

“I was very pleased with my experience thus far in the program. The education I have received is exactly what I was looking for. The trainers that I have had the opportunity to see, from the first day in the 2-day class, have exceeded my expectations. From the basics to the details, with each trainer's own personal style have been, in full, excellent! My personal testimony is clear as I have extended my education to the next level. Thank you all thus far and I look forward to my future relationship with OTA!”

“At this point in my life, I was looking for a challenge and certainly found one here. The instructor was able to dumb down the material for us and was attentive to our needs and abilities. I am looking forward to more courses and to the real world utilization of the concepts I learned.”

“The Core Strategy allowed me to see and understand "How" the Stock charts work and with emphasis on placing a trade. Understanding real world dynamics of a trade and how the price goes up and down gives me confidence.”

“After taking this class my fears of a retirement that may never happen are ended. I always thought my generation was unlucky with not having a pension to sustain us in retirement. I think this will allow me to far exceed what a pension would provide. ”

“To say I truly enjoyed the program would not do justice to the process, instructor and my Educational Director. I spent 4 hours each day traveling to class...this was the best 4 hour investment of my life. I thought I knew how to analyze the market. My lesson and advice is that I knew absolutely nothing. Overthinking was always a big part, but now I can really zoom in on what the market is doing without all of the outside noise.”

“This has been a great demystifier of the various markets and their operations.”


“OTA is an awesome organization. They truly care about the learning experience of the student. ”

“I consider trading a business, and Online Trading Academy as a franchise I bought into to show me how to excel at my business. I feel like they are showing me everything I need to be successful. Russ Griffin”

“Grateful to OTA for the new Core Strategy class. Really outlines what you need to follow for successful trading, step by step, including charts to follow (on laminated sheets you can keep by your computer. Nice job, OTA. And, at OTA they want you to succeed, and provide so many resources to help you along the way.”

“If you're humble enough to admit that you don't know as much as you think you know about trading, this will be one of the most gratifying educational experiences of your life.”

“We are so thankful for these classes. They will help us be more successful as we go into full retirement years. We have tried many different opportunities and were made many promises. This opportunity will be one we feel we can achieve. We have truly enjoyed the personal attention. Our instructor has been very helpful and attentive to our needs.”

“This review is coming from a person that knew nothing about the market prior to this class. This program is amazing, it's truly amazing preforming what is said in the class in the actual market. They take their time and go through the steps, and are fantastic at providing information in such a way that it is easily understandable. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate everything that has been taught in these classes so far and can't wait until the next class. James Buono”

“I just want to say that OTA is changing my life by the second! Thanks you all!”

“The training at OTA is the best training for those desiring to become a Trader. I have had classes in both stock and forex and all of the training is top notch. The instructors are extremely professional, work individually with students to increase their learning curve and get them trading as soon as possible. The follow-ups by the staff are exceptional. ”

“I am really grateful for the tremendous growth and knowledge I've gained over the past seven days. It's one of the best investments of financial education for a better financial future. Other participants were so helpful and encouraging. ”

“Great class. Really hit home of how to enter and exit trades at predictable times. Take a look at the larger "picture" and then focus down to your current time frame you wish to trade. Taught how to manage the trade whether doing better than expected, letting your profits run, yet protecting from backslide and, if market turns against you, to limit loss. Also taught how to manage your risk. Whether you have a lot of money or a little, you have to control your risk by the amount of money used per trade and overall outstanding trades. I highly recommend this class for rookies and seasoned traders.”

“Deep dive into becoming a professional trader. Without this class and organization my future was looking dim. One of the videos feature a movie star who was saying it is never too late in life to be successful. That statement is now true for me. I've been given the tools to be successful. The conservative approach to trading professionally takes the guess work out of the equation. I now have a plan and can use it for the rest of my life.”


“The staff at OTA Seattle are extremely helpful and care about the student's success. Also, Brandon Wendell is a great instructor.”

“I have been attending several OTA classes, from Futures to Options classes, and there has never been an occasion OTA missed any of my expectations. I sincerely appreciate OTA's continuous effort to provide the best education system, more and more effective for an individual trader to become a professional trader.”

“I've been interested in trading since becoming aware that it was a possibility for individuals. Other courses I've taken have simply been the framework to demonstrate the high value, verity and expertise offered through OTA. Thank you, OTA!”

“This is my first time taking the Forex class and I am very excited about online trading and the consistent support. I know that I have not soaked up every piece of information but I am content in knowing that I can always go into the XLTs, Core Strategies and Recorded Viewer to catch what I missed. I also learned that it is very valuable to stay in contact with your instructors and student support. The center has a quiet learning environment that helps you stay focused and on task. I always get the same parking spot every day because there is so much parking around the building. Personnel are not only friendly, but concerned and supportive of your progresses and bottom line.”

“OTA is a great place to learn about trading. It doesn't matter what level of a trader you are or where you're at in your trading life, OTA offers a variety of programs that will fit you.”

“All of the staff are so warm and friendly. They are eager to help the students with any questions or concerns that you may have at the center or with the program. They will provide you with additional phone numbers or contacts if needed as well. The center is kept very clean, located in a convenient area and has lots of parking. I am very gratified there is an organization like OTA that lifts the veil on Professional trading and makes success available to the individual. Thanks!”

“It is invaluable to have your trades evaluated by a true professional AND successful trader and to have him/her answer questions. I don't know how anyone can begin a trading career or trade at all without the resources offered by OTA. I've been blown away by how much is offered here - met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you! Looking forward to the many classes to come.”

“I came to OTA knowing nothing about finances. I am 73 years old and after my husband's death I had to learn. This school has proven to care about my needs and they continually work toward my success. Thank you OTA.”

“This program follows specific rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Learn them and follow them. Use the tools in My OTA to review and strengthen your skills. Get help when you are stuck and don't be afraid to reach out and ask.”

“Scot Stokes did a heck of a job teaching the OTA strategy and breaking it down in laymen's terms. Any question the class had Scot answered them in detail to make sure that we fully understood what we were doing. Also, leading up to the class Student Support Specialist, Nicole Gunning, was AWESOME. She called and sent emails to make sure that I was getting familiar with the criteria before I went into class. My journey here at OTA has been great and I cannot wait to get in the market and trade.”

“I found the program to be very beneficial. When you start using the strategies you can see how they do work. Worth every penny.”

“Online Trading Academy's ProTrader 1 and 2 gave me a strong foundation to start my trading activities. The instructor was great and extremely knowledgeable, and the learning center was top notch.”


“I've fully enjoyed the Pro Trader Class with Stephen Hanahoe. He is very effective in sharing his knowledge and experience with the class. I feel I have learned as much as I can concerning core strategy in trading and can fully advance in any direction to the next set of trading classes without having to look back.”

“The changing global situation dictates an understanding of global markets and this class facilitated that effort. Austin has a very nice OTA center and the accommodations are adequate for a good size class.”

“Always clean, quiet and cool. Good coffee, breakfast and lunch provided. Centrally located for easier access. Simply put, I learned how the pros trade Forex.”

“Excellent program and I will be back for it again.”

“Very educative and informative. I was able to test the strategies with live examples in the lab.”

“I have been going to "FREE" days seminars for 10 years. I have never signed up because I could tell that I would go home and not be able to figure things out on my own. I had been asking for a program to "hold my hand" until I could become a successful trader. This was an answer to my prayers.”

“OTA takes a person that knows nothing about the markets to trading like a Pro.”


“Online trading is something I thought I would never understand, but the seven days class I took with Online Trading Academy has given me trading knowledge that will give new perspective in life.”

“I joined OTA about 18 months ago and have been impressed with the amount of support material available to me. This is my second Futures class and I could not be more satisfied with the instructor, Brandon Wendell. His overall knowledge of the markets is impressive, but what I found to be more useful was his ability to relate the material to our own personal goals. I am excited about putting his techniques to practical use and feel confident that I will be successful. Thank you!”

“I would not use any other tutoring method for all my financial education than OTA!”

“The location and facility is great. The instructor takes the time to ensure that everyone understands the material and is helpful with suggestions during actual trading times. Thanks.”

“The classes gave me the insight that I didn't have before; it taught me to plan like the corporate world, not like the typical untrained user.”

“The faculties' experience and anecdotes from their personal trading history, particularly those that have traded on the floor or in trading houses, enhanced the lessons making the lessons concrete and memorable. It's worth the cost to learn from their mistakes, instead of losing money learning from my own.”

“My name is Robert Graves and I joined in the Online Trading Academy courses to change my lifestyle to less physical and still make a great living. Online Trading Academy, from my experience so far, will get me to that place.”


“Awesome course. I have come to Online Trading Academy without any trading knowledge. I now have a trading plan, the knowledge to execute it and confidence in my skills. I am a successful and professional trader in the next 6 months.”

“This course gives a good building block for learning to trade. One must continue to practice and learn the system. But with the tools you are given you should be able to trade very profitable. ”

“As a novice trader, I would not read anything negative written about Online Trading Academy. As with anything in life you must first experience what you seek then make an informed decision. My experience has been informative to the point I will have no regret to become a returning Online Trading Academy student. I appreciate the time the instructors and staff take from their families to make my life changing decisions an easier transition.”

“I have traded stocks for over forty years by using the seat of my pants technology. This worked well in the 90's, especially in the tech sector, however, this success is no longer possible today. This school has given me a new foundation to build upon for a real future success.”

“I wish I had not wasted my time and money chasing all the other resources. If I had it to do over, I would have started out with Online Trading Academy.”

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