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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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Based on 182,495 reviews

“I highly recommend this class. another great instructor. ”

Irvine, CA TradeStation Quickstart

“Excellent instructors and staff. Highly recommended. ”

Chicago, IL Core Strategy Class

“OTA's PAI is the most underrated program OTA offers and an absolute must for practically everyone! ”

Phoenix, AZ ProActive Investor

“This class privided me with some very usfull tools and knowlage to further advance my trading plan”

Washington DC Forex

“Scot Stokes made the class an incredible learning experience. He did excellent job making the subject very clear and simple to understand. He was extremely patient and made sure everyone in the class received the personal attention they needed. Thank you Scot Stokes!”

Chicago, IL Core Strategy Class


Atlanta, GA Options

“Joshua sudan Brown My forex teacher Cliff miller was great! we went over content and trading strategies. He made it super simple and helped me build the confidence i need to hit the button lol ”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“love the setting and the instructor is very clear on explanation . asking any question and a very friendly place. Poe Ouklore”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“The class provides the skills needed to really take charge of your wealth. The class is something that everyone could utilize at a very young age. The staff and instructors really want you to succeed. All of the protocol is provided to be successful the student just needs to follow the steps. The help does not stop here it is on going.”

Phoenix, AZ Core Strategy Class

“OTA provides a structured and disciplined education on Trading.”

Houston, TX TradeStation Quickstart

“With its outstanding program and techniques, OTA's exceptionally skilled & successful instructors and staff, created a wonderful learning environment, nestled in camaraderie and enthusiasm for the friendly students from all walks of life that OTA attracts. ”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“OTA not just teaches about different strategies but helps to build confidence in self by teaching the right way and feel independent.”

Dubai, UAE Professional Options Trader - Dubai


Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“Thank you for the information. I look forward to evolving in the trade industry. There is so much to learn and the core strategy is key to my succeed. See you at the top.”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“The class was fun and easy to learn from Greg”

Irvine, CA Options

“ Overall the Online Trading Program appears to be quite comprehensive. The instructors and the associates were very helpful. I was amazed at the unlimited patience and genuine concern for the students displayed by the staff.”

New York, NY Core Strategy Class

“Taking Core Strategy was an investment well worth the time and money!”

Detroit, MI Core Strategy Class

“I have enjoyed the class very much and fill that I will be successful using the information received.”

Detroit, MI Core Strategy Class

“This course is rock solid, OTA gives you the knowledge, resources and a plan of action to become successful at trading. The rest is up to you. -Max Richter ”

Detroit, MI Core Strategy Class

“great information and completely changed my opinion on how to make maney in the stock markets”

Phoenix, AZ Core Strategy Class

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