For more than 20 years, OTA has been dedicated to financial education and we are tireless in our mission to enrich lives worldwide with exceptional trading and investing education. Throughout the world we offer our students an interactive learning environment as well as resources tailored to the areas of study that best align with their trading style, preferred asset classes and learning objectives.

OTA’s Ongoing Commitment to Financial Education

We proudly employ a dedicated team of experienced instructors, each seasoned by their own market experiences and trained by us to teach trading and investing strategies grounded in Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy. These individuals have one common goal in mind: to help students learn to understand both the fundamentals and the advanced techniques necessary to trade with the skill, confidence and competence of professional traders.

Students Love OTA

Online Trading Academy maintains high marks on student reviews because at OTA, we emphasize the importance of all aspects of the trade; including choosing an asset class and trading style, developing a trading plan, understanding trader psychology and the importance of risk management. Add to that the student support and available online resources and it’s easy to see why many students say they never feel alone in their trading journey. It’s this ongoing commitment to excellence and educational growth that keeps students coming to OTA.

Online Trading Academy Student Reviews

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the student experience and empower students to meet their educational goals. This is why students are asked to review Online Trading Academy following every asset class, in the form of a survey. The cumulative ratings and individual comments below are taken from these Online Trading Academy reviews from both on-location and online asset classes.

Online Trading Academy

4.72 out of 5 196,308
5 star
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Based on 196,308 reviews

“First of all, I loved the atmosphere and the knowledge I gained from attending the class. The information you gain from the class is useful and I personally think anyone should take it. Also, the instructor was amazing, he clearly cared about his students and made sure to do all his best to make everyone understand the concept. It's a very entertaining class and very useful.”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“ I truly enjoyed the program because it was an eye opening, and delivered in a great atmosphere with an amazing student support. ”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“Great instructor”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“I feel I was given a great beginning foundation to my real estate career that will help me to build on”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“The center staff is outstanding. They truly care about the students and do everything possible to help you. ”

West Palm Beach, FL Forex

“The Foundations course was well structured and the information was valuable.”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“I was a great start to real estate investment.”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“OTA has far exceeded my expectations! Thank you!!”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“OTA has demonstrated expertise and strategies in the Trading arena that has truly impressed us. And interest in expanding knowledge base, and capitalizing on opportunities (Tactical - short term planning, and Strategic - long term planning). Foundations is stepping stone to Wholesale and Rental asset classes.”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“awesome education. opened a whole new world of opportunity for me. ”

Atlanta, GA Real Estate

“Nikki is very down to earth and explained things in a new way. Her enthusiasm for trading forex certainly held my attention and inspired me to put more time into learning and practicing. I would like to take another course from her to fill in any gaps. Hoping that she comes back to West Palm soon. Julie Hasenhuettl”

West Palm Beach, FL Forex

“well this course is good becouse we learn how to make long calls and long puts on at specific time frame , i would like for the next retake if the teacher circulated the numbers that we are talking about for example the anchor and offset , the bid and ask that we are using .”

New York, NY Options

“OTA is a well planned teaching and learning program for learning how to invest. Jim Spackman”

Scottsdale, AZ Core Strategy Class

“I have known a lot of people that have tried day trading and have lost their shirts. It's a shame that they didn't know about Online Trading Academy before they started their venture into trading. They would have saved a lot of grief and money. As for myself, I look forward to becoming proficient in the techniques that I have learned and putting them to use. This means implementing the disciplines that I have learned and then reaping the rewards.”

Scottsdale, AZ Core Strategy Class

“Hi, I am Bruce Sando, I work professionally as a Pharmacist. I have traded stocks for many years. Sure wish I had taken this course years ago. I would have made and saved myself a lot of money. I really liked our instructor. He was incredibly knowledgeable. It was well worth the time and money. ”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“OTA is dedicated to their students and IT IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE!”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“The MasterMind program and lifetime level of support OTA provides in person, interactive online and available on-call is worth the class price alone.”

Minneapolis, MN Options

“I have made huge strides in my ability to manage my own money effectively without the use of money managers. Tamera Holden”

Seattle, WA ProActive Investor

“I have been to a number of other informational seminars on this topic, and this is - by far the most informative and confidence boosting. -Rosemary Cook”

Long Island, NY Options

“great program and with intense level of support and this center has great support staff.”

Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA Options

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