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We have exciting news! Over the last six months we’ve been getting ready to launch a new and improved Deal Board. The first phase will launch on December 7th. There will be a different look and feel and functionality when accessing many of the links, such as pre-foreclosures. Our goal was to make it more user friendly. I will be conducting a tour during the RECC on 12/7, hope you can join.

We’d like to encourage you to get your goals set for 2018. If you need a jump start or a suggestion on how to get started, checkout my article on Goal Setting.

PS: Make sure you check out Michael Atias’ upcoming class on Real Estate Tax Strategies

The Importance of True-ing Up Operating Expenses

By John Ackerman

Commercial real estate has a language and math of its own. In John’s article, he explains how the accuracy of the numbers can make a big difference to the bottom line. Expense wise, a Triple Net (NNN) lease structure is not complex; a CAM/Expense Pass-Thru charge, plus a Reserve Factor for the replacement of long lived items such as HVAC systems, and an imputed Management Fee; pretty simple. But what about Full Service, Gross and Industrial/Modified Gross Lease terms? Are there “normal, typical and reasonable” property expenses (a/k/a: “Stabilized” expenses) for these other lease types, you ask? The answer, of course is yes.


Goal Setting: Heading Into the Year with a Plan

By Diana Hill

Every year I write an article or two about goal setting. Goal setting is one of the biggest differentiators between people who are successful and those who aren’t. There are many different ways to set goals and different acronyms used for goals setting. One of the most well-known is SMART Goals.


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