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Reaching Goals Is a Matter of Time Management

In our community, school just started and you can feel the excitement in the air.  I have always loved fall for several reasons: 1) it’s football season, 2) there is still opportunity to reach the goals that were set in January, 3) routine has returned after summer, and 4) the holidays will be here shortly.

I’d like to revisit an article that I wrote back in October of 2013 that points out things that eat up our time and stop us from reaching our goals.

learn to manage your time wiselyI looked at a variety of different articles about the topic of what can keep you from your goals and most people’s number one was watching TV. We all need time to decompress, but if you don’t monitor your TV watching time it can eat up valuable hours.  Here are some tips on how to reduce your TV watching.

The second most common way to lose valuable time is the internet and social media. There is a fine line as the internet and even sometimes social media are valuable tools that will help us advance our real estate investing. With that being said, they can also be a black hole of non-action.  The best thing to do is monitor your use.  For example, if you spent hours searching for properties but haven’t been out to see one or made an offer on one then it’s time to get up from your computer and in the field. The internet is a great tool but it doesn’t make things happen.

Here are a couple of additional things to think about when it comes to wasting time.

Making mistakes – some people get so hung up on mistakes they have made that they are unable to move forward.  Mistakes should be a motivation and a learning opportunity, not something that wastes time and energy.  You have heard the phrase “move on.” That is the most powerful thing you can do to overcome a mistake.

free real estate investing workshopNot asking for Help or seeking professional advice – It’s good to try and figure things out on your own but it can take time and sometimes it’s better to ask for help from someone who knows the ropes than to go through the learning curve.  There is an old saying, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”  Your time would be better spent finding the right person to help you accomplish the task rather than struggling through it.

Touching things more than once – my husband has tried to teach me this one more than once (haha).  He started his professional career with FedEx and was taught that it takes valuable time if you touch things more than once.  So start with something easy like your mail or email.  If you read an email immediately respond or trash it.  Don’t leave it in your inbox.

There is plenty of time left in the year so stop wasting moments and achieve your goals!

Diana D. Hill


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