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Another January and another Super Bowl. This year, however, was a bit different than Super Bowls past. The game for one seemed like a blowout but the second half was a very different story. We nearly witnessed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Then, late in the game, San Francisco was within 10 yards of winning the game with four downs to score. All season long, this was an easy 7 points. I don’t think any of the 100 Million plus people watching the game thought the pistol offense would need even two downs to score. But, Baltimore stopped them and the game was basically over with a dramatic win that typically eludes the Super Bowl.

Of course, many people’s favorite part of the Super Bowl are the commercials. This year, we had a bit of everything…

Humor: There was the Taco Bell seniors enjoying a late night of sneaking out, throwing a backyard pool party and indulging in Taco Bell.

Power/Strength: We had the Audi spot. After a young man is set to attend the prom solo, a teen is handed the keys to his father’s Audi and the night turns from a dud into a winner.

Pride: Dodge gave us “God made a farmer.” They used a cool speech to narrate this commercial as a tribute to the farmers in all of us.

Appreciation: From Jeep, it was “Welcome home hero’s.” Jeep helped us celebrate the Armed Forces with this commercial.

Sex: Go Daddy sent us all running for the barf bag with “model meets nerd.” A story would be fine but did they really have to get the close up and with full sound effects? Gross…

Money: Of course there was the E-Trade baby making us all laugh again and again.

Love: Budweiser gave us the horse story. While Stevie Nicks sings in the background, we see one of Budweiser’s Clydesdales grow from foal to adult horse, and then eventually reunite with the farmer who raised him.

I watched most of the Super Bowl with family and friends. As the game and ads went on, everyone was sharing which ads they liked most. People around me seemed to like the funny ads the most and I laughed as well when grandma and grandpa were sneaking around in the middle of the night being bad. However, as soon as I saw the horse story from Budweiser, that instantly became my favorite. I was amazed at how moved I was with this story. They did such an amazing job of telling such a beautiful love story in 60 seconds. As the game went on, I thought to myself and could not remember a Super Bowl ad I had ever liked more and I shared that with my family. I also sent an email out on it that night to some of my OTA colleagues. Sure enough, the next morning while reading the news, I find out that it was the highest rated super bowl ad in history! Think about it… When it comes to humor, money, sex, love, and more, love wins hands down. We all want to be connected at a deep level. We all simply want to love and be loved. Love and that strong connection with someone gives us strength to accomplish anything and combat any level of fear. The horse story took 60 seconds but made us all stop and realize what the most important part of life is. And, with a 97% rating, I am obviously not the only one who thought so. Again, when given the choice between the fancy sports car, the sexy model, and the horse, the horse won hands down.

To top it all off, Budweiser asked us the audience to vote for a name for the young new Clydesdale. Guess what the majority voted for?  The horses new name is “Hope.” Perhaps the audience chose that name because people hope for the feeling they had after watching that 60 second spot…

So what does all this have to do with trading? Nothing, love and family are much more important than money and trading.

Hope this was helpful, have a great day.

Sam Seiden


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