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Keep Calm and Trade On

When we are putting our money at risk in the financial markets it is easy to get nervous and excited. These common emotions can wreak havoc on our trading accounts if not put into check. I was reminded of this while teaching an Extended Learning Track course online recently and thought of the huge benefits… Read More »


Using Puts vs Stop-loss Orders to Protect Stock Positions – Part 2

In my last options article, I described two simple ways to limit losses on a stock or ETF position in case of a major down move. One way is to use a stop-loss order. The second is to buy Put options as protection. As a quick review, the pros and cons are… Read More »

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10 Ways to Stick to a Budget

Most adults tend to learn their good or bad savings/spending habits by observing their parents, friends or from their own childhood experiences. As a result, these experiences often dictate how they will either emotionally, or strategically, manage their own relationship with money. Will they be confident, fearful, frugal… Read More »