Wendy Pine

Director of Customer Care

Wendy Pine has spent her entire career making sure people get exceptional service, culminating with her current position as Director of Customer Care. She started working in the hospitality industry after college, eventually specializing in a computer system that manages hotel operations. After an assignment in which she had to open a new hotel and hire 55 people, she made the transition from manager to trainer and began to discover the unique challenges of making people productive with software.

In 2009, Ms. Pine came to Online Trading Academy at the invitation of VP Product Operations, Steve Albin, who had worked with her in a previous job. Her initial role was supporting the XLT (Extended Learning Track) sessions, but this grew as OTA’s online presence expanded and she now heads a group of dedicated professionals who, in her words, “show care and love to our students every day”. The instructors provide outstanding education, and the Customer Care and i-Support teams follow through by helping students get maximum benefit from the tools available to them.

Whether it’s accessing the MyOTA portal, attending an online session or doing market research online, Ms. Pine and her team invest whatever time is necessary for students to feel completely comfortable with the technology so they can work toward their financial goals. This personalized technical support is one of the major differentiators for Online Trading Academy as an educational institution and a key element in our own success.


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