David Sundstrom

Director of OTAcademy

David Sundstrom is Director of OTAcademy, the online resource dedicated to providing actionable, unbiased financial education for all aspects of life. The content of OTAcademy is organized by life stage and by topic and everyone can create a customized learning path tailored to his or her interests. Mr. Sundstrom’s role is to bring the knowledge to life by researching a vast scope of subject matter and then managing its presentation through effective videos, articles, webinars and live events.

Mr. Sundstrom has trained for this responsibility through decades of experience disseminating technical or complex information in actionable formats. He wants students to be able to immerse themselves in a topic, gain mastery and apply what they’ve learned right away in real world situations. Prior to OTA, he was vice president of an organization that helped brokers create information products using national real estate data. Previously, he was senior vice president at the world’s largest independent computer training franchisor with over 250 centers worldwide. In addition to finding and developing content and managing product development, Mr. Sundstrom was responsible for building strategic partnerships with private companies, Fortune 500 companies and other schools.

Mr. Sundstrom earned a BS degree in Information and Computer Science at University of California, Irvine and an MBA at California State University, Fullerton. His first job was in computer sales in the very early days of personal computing. It was in that Apple II era that he discovered he enjoyed, and had a talent for helping people learn about complex topics. Mr. Sundstrom and his wife Stacy live in Irvine, CA and are the proud parents of two daughters, Kinsey and Katie.

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