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While many traders like to bounce around - trading different stocks and asset classes based on various market conditions - there's often that one stock that you hold near and dear to your heart. You might say, there is something almost comforting about knowing a single stock inside and out, and being able to trust your gut as you move in and out of positions with it.

Below, we're sharing those stocks that traders admit to coming back to time and time again. Here are the stocks that traders LOVE to trade:

  1. I don’t have a favorite stock. I have a picture in my head of what a good Supply or Demand zone looks like. If the stock meets my trading plan criteria and has a good setup, I’m in!”

    What does Debbie Hague love to trade
    Debbie Hague
    Online Trading Academy Instructor. Debbie's bio
  2. My preferred stock to invest in by trading options is CMI (Cummings Inc). The long term charts, Weekly and Daily, are filled with high quality text book supply and demand levels, which makes it very simple to pinpoint the correct entry point, and price action on this stock is very clear with minimal whipsaw activity, making its interpretation straight forward.”

    What does Bachir Chaaya love to trade
    Bachir Chaaya
    Online Trading Academy Instructor. Bachir's bio
  3. Two of my favorite stocks to trade are AIG and MSFT. I trade them using options and occasionally stocks. The stock prices are in my preferred range and the companies are survivors. Further, they both pay dividends and there are usually options available to sell at prices that meet my rules, especially around earnings.”

    What does Joel Greenberg love to trade
    Joel Greenberg
    Online Trading Academy Instructor.
  4. I was a huge fan of trading KLAC as it has a great daily ATR, liquidity and responded greatly to S&D levels. Only problems for me were: I can’t watch it as I’m working, and only trading during market hours! I have since migrated over to currencies because: I’m an insomniac and I love 24 hour trading!, and Moves! Currencies have great moves and powerful trends. My favorites are the EURUSD AND USDJPY. I’ve had great success with these and, therefore, have stuck with them. I trade off of 5 time frames: Daily, 4 hour, hourly, 15 min and 5 min. I have all of these time frames on one screen and simply run though a basket of 6 currency pairs. If I find a nice setup on any of these time frames I make the trade, set my stops and go about my business!”

    What does Merlin Rothfeld love to trade
    Merlin Rothfeld
    Online Trading Academy Instructor. Merlin's bio
  5. I enjoy trading Forex and the Futures indexes for the most part. My schedule is very busy so the 24 hour markets create more opportunities for me to participate. Early on in my trading I played options, but as time went on I soon realized that I prefer to have fewer moving parts. Options, for me, are akin to working puzzles, it’s great for some but not quite as great for others.”

    What does Woody Johnson love to trade
    Woody Johnson
    Online Trading Academy Instructor. Woody's bio
  6. I love to invest in Apple stock, and I invest more whenever I can. It had a stock price of about eleven, ten years ago, and is currently at roughly 550. Even though it experienced a downturn at the end of 2012 and into the beginning of last year, it's a company that I am convinced is built for the long haul. That's why I will always buy stock in Apple.”

    David Bakke
    Financial Expert at
  7. One of the greatest stocks to trade is Apple (AAPL). This is because of the high correlation of the stock to public opinion/perception, and the ability therefore to create predictive signal based systems around social media. AAPL is truly a "Social Stock." If investors can sift through the myriad of data, there are real trading opportunities within this stock. This is why I like Apple!”

    Aidan Doyle
    President and CEO of Bellwether Capital Management, LP.
  8. I actively trade Citigroup because: It is liquid - over 20MM shares traded/day, It moves - beta at 2.90; I don't care which direction a stock moves - as long as it moves, It trends - financials have been hit hard, recovered hard, and bounce around in strong medium term trends in between, It's not done moving - things will continue to be volatile in banks like C for a while.”

    Austin Netzley
    Founder of

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