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Cathie Morrison

Trader and Instructor

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What is your background, and how did you get into finance?

My parents taught me that you can work for money but your money has to work for you, too.

I lived across from the Boulder city park baseball diamond. In 1968 I realized there were people watching those games that would like something to eat or drink so I set up my first business with a soda and snack table. I was small and my parents said this is your business, figure it out; so, I lugged everything there and back most game evenings. Bottles were still in glass then so I lost some profits by not being careful with carrying such big loads. (Why didn’t I buy a cart?)

My next venture was in 1983 with a Jam and Jelly business. The heat and steam from cooking and preparing jams in a house with no air conditioning in Missouri in August was the biggest issue. I would start before daylight so I could be done before the heat of the day.

After that, in 2000, I started a trading business. Finding clients was the biggest challenge but it doesn’t take many to become very busy. In fact, too busy, so we pared down the clientele. On the side, just for fun, I made lip balm and soap with company logos.

There were other minor entrepreneurial things I did such as a Mystery Shopper since 2003, an educational consultant for school districts and others.

I had to move so the trading business made way for a tutoring company. There were no large obstacles but there were big challenges; students need a lot of motivation to keep moving forward. This is where I really started to look inside of a person to teach the person. (It isn’t about my information to teach; instead, it’s who they are and what they need to be successful.)

What obstacles did you run into and how did you persevere?

We all get tired and frustrated, so I take a break and then remember what my goals are and get back up and get going again. When things don’t go right I just learn from trial and error and look for opportunities where they present themselves. Determination is essential and finding something you enjoy doing keeps one motivated when things get tough.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current career and what you do?

I primarily trade options because it has been able to fit the best into my lifestyle. I can plan and execute at a relaxed pace. My trades last for days, weeks or months which means monitoring is minimal. My actual trading time is about an hour total a day. If I trade longer I know to push my chair away because I am trying to find a trade when the markets aren’t giving me one. I had to learn to respect the markets. Most of my time as a trader is spent keeping up with research and education. I am also an instructor for Trading Academy, teaching ProActive Investor and Core Strategy classes. I believe every student has the potential to succeed and I enjoy helping them discover their potential.

Do you have any secrets for balancing being a mom with a successful career? What advice do you have for moms aspiring to enter or advance skills as a trader?

Routines are essential to manage time and brain power. A person loses too much energy and time solving things they have solved before. Know you will spend a lot of time setting up the routine but then it will be forever with less time needed to continue it. Another piece of advice is to know that what is important to some may not be worth your time: Know thyself! My mom had a painting with Chinese characters; when I was young I asked her what it said and she replied, “A house with one speck of dust is not clean”. I took that to heart and decided meticulous cleaning was not a good use of my time because the house would never be clean.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing I am using the gifts God gave me. And, I love knowing I have provided something of value to someone else.

Can you share a little about your family with us?

I have two daughters and a step daughter. We all live in different cities more than 8 hours apart but I still manage to see each of them three or four times a year.

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