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Students lucky enough to sit in on Cathie Morrison’s classes will benefit from a lifetime of experience in teaching combined with the skills of a master trader. She has inspired at every level as a public school teacher, college instructor, technology trainer and owner of a test preparation company as well as Online Trading Academy instructor.

Cathie has traded stocks, Forex and futures, and particularly likes options as a way toward income and wealth. She believes that every student has the ability to succeed, and her role is to help them discover what they want and need, then help them to find their way to that goal.

A lifelong learner herself, she has completed virtually every course in OTA curriculum. What she loves most is that “Online Trading Academy gives everyone the opportunity to achieve what they have always believed they could do."


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Colorado
  • Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction-Science, University of Missouri
  • Public school teacher in Missouri, Maine, North Carolina and Dominican Republic
  • Instructor Field Supervisor, University of Colorado
  • Technology trainer, Front Range Community College, Denver, CO
  • Owned and managed Financial Services company, standardized test prep company, vending route
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in Missouri (expired)


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Wealth Management


  • Title One Math Specialist
  • Designed and implemented a district wide middle school science curriculum
  • Administered and coordinated a school’s Gold Medallion Program (honor’s program)
  • STARR teacher Missouri (two years)
  • Published several articles for Serene Trader- a weekly trade letter
  • NEA Executive Representative
  • Has personally completed virtually all courses in OTA curriculum


Missouri, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Cathie is truly an amazing teacher.”

, August 2018

“Great teacher, explains well, very patient & kind.”

, August 2018

“Cathie Morrison, was an experienced teacher and extremely good in presentations with examples I could relate to...... the class was invaluable to my growth with OTA. If another class would be offered, I would like to be first one to sign up again.”

, June 2018

“Cathy Morrison is a kind, knowledgeable and endearing teacher. She is passionate about the subject matter and cares deeply for her students.”

, June 2018

“Cathie is really a down to earth instructor, not flashy but keeps it real and simple for you to understand. I came out of the class not feeling overwhelmed but having a foundation that I can build on.”

, April 2018

“I am truly impressed with the way the instructor or teacher presented the idea to the whole class. The instructor was very approachable and helpful in all respects.”

, March 2018

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