Three Critical Performance Metrics for Forex Traders

Learning how to trade Forex is certainly not a random endeavor, it is a structured approach based on planning, executing, reviewing, and adjusting the plan as necessary. The continuous application of this cycle allows us to have a beneficial trading mindset and behavior which leads to consistent profits, the ultimate goal of every beginning trader.

Here are three critical metrics that every trader should keep an eye on and use to assess his/her performance.

  1. The Profit Factor

    This is simply the average profits from all the winning trades divided by the average losses from all the losing trades. A “Profit Factor” higher than 1 means the account is growing, and a value of less than 1 means the trading account is shrinking. A trader should aim for a value of 1.5 or higher. The reason this metric is such a valuable one is because it can replace two other metrics, the “Reward-to-Risk Ratio” and the “Win-Loss Ratio”, as neither of them on its own can tell us if the trader is being profitable or not.

  2. Average Pips per Day/Week/Month

    This is the average number of pips gained or lost across all the trades taken. Day traders should focus on the “Average Pips per Day”, swing traders on the “Average Pips per Week”, and position traders on the “Average Pips per Month”. A good benchmark to aim for is an average of +30 pips per day for day traders, +200 pips per week for swing traders, and +1,000 pips per month for position traders. Once a trader identifies his average number of pips and builds confidence in his ability to achieve this average over and over, all he has to do is increase his position size to increase his profits.

  3. Trades executed as planned

    This is probably the single most important metric to monitor, and it’s the percentage of trades that were executed as per plan without any deviations. In order to develop this metric, every trade without exception should be reviewed and assessed whether it was as per plan or not, and if possible take a snapshot of the trade setup and save it as a picture file for later review. A professional trader is easily capable of achieving 95% or higher, and that is what every beginning trader should aim for.

    Monitoring these three metrics and taking corrective actions based on their values is a crucial exercise that every trader needs to perform in order to climb the ladder of consistent profits.

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