Monday Market Must-Knows: November 21, 2022

Looking for supply and demand zones across different tools and resources can help you find trading opportunities. One zone that will be important to watch this coming week is GOLD. Remember, it is important to define your risk and reward on any trade. To learn more about the rules and structure Online Trading Academy teaches, visit
How are other countries and economies doing? This week, we’ll see Service and Manufacturing data from around the world. On Wednesday, watch for the following announcements:
3:15am EST – France
3:30am EST – Germany
4:00am EST – European Union
4:30am EST – England
9:45am EST – USA
Also, on Tuesday 8:00pm EST, the Bank of New Zealand will have a major announcement with regards to their rates. Expectations are that they will increase rates to fight inflation.
355 companies are reporting this week: Dell, Urban Outfitters, Zoom, Medtronic, Autodesk, Pinduoduo and others.