Monday Market Must-Knows: March 20, 2023

What is happening with the global banking crisis?The upcoming trading week will be marked by the continued uncertainty and volatility in the banking sector, as many banks are struggling and others are being bailed out. This situation could create both trading and investment opportunities for those who know what to look for in the financial sector. The biggest event of the week will be the Federal Reserve's announcement on Wednesday where they are expected to raise interest rates by 25 basis points. This announcement could create significant volatility in the markets, which is why traders and investors should be cautious and consider stepping back to protect themselves. After the initial volatility settles, there may be better opportunities for trading or investing. Additionally, the Bank of England will also release a rate statement on Thursday, which could provide opportunities for those trading the British pound. Finally, services and manufacturing data will also be released, providing a pulse on how different economies around the world are performing.As always, if you’re in the markets, make sure you have a trade plan. Join us for a FREE introductory class. Learn about tools & rules for trading with confidence-so you can stay one step ahead of market volatility. Stay Informed, Start Knowing Today!