6 out of 10 Responding Students Said That Online Trading Academy is an Important Part of Their Lives. 7 out of 10 wished they had started sooner.

I wanted to mention some of the data points from the Student Survey which we did in April this year, with over 1000 students responding.  Two things most caught my attention:

Firstly, 6 out of 10 respondents said that OTA is an important part of their lives. 

Wow!  Let’s think about that for a moment, what does it take for us to say that a company and brand has become an important part of our lives? 

Think about the quality of the product and service, think about the impact of the value proposition they provide and think about the core values that the company and the brand live by for it to rise to that significance in our lives.

Think about what other kinds of companies and brands have risen to that level of significance in your life?  Apple perhaps?  Tesla perhaps?  Amazon perhaps?  … and many others we could think of. 

What do these companies and brands have in common to earn that place in our lives?  Quality.  Impact.  Core Values. 

We are honored to be held in such high regard and have a relentless commitment to live up to that every day in every way, year in year out, onwards and upwards together as a community.

Secondly, nearly 7 out of 10 respondents said that they wished they had started their education with OTA sooner. 

That’s another great testament to the quality and impact of our education and technology, which we are relentlessly committed to continue investing in developing, year in year out. 

Not least of all now adding in Cryptocurrency as a new asset-class, which you heard about in the OTA Market Symposium from Merlin Rothfeld, with so much to come on that front, which we will keep you informed of. 

Plus of course, our ongoing development of CliK, for which we just won another award:  Online Trading Academy Was Thrilled to Win the People's Choice Stevie Award for CliK