Speaking up with the Voice of Educated Retail Traders & Investors

For more than two decades since 1997, Online Trading Academy has been dedicated to levelling the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street.  The great equalizer is education, but not all education is equal.  Online Trading Academy has emerged as a leader in educating retail traders and investors how to build skills, evolve proficiency and develop confidence with trading and investing.

But amongst all the bluster, it is hard for educated retail traders and investors to have a voice and speak up.  As widely reported, over recent years there have been large numbers of novice retail traders and investors entering the financial markets through online trading platforms and smartphone apps.  There is not a lot of research into this increasingly important segment and it is hard to know how much that may be skewed by a predominance of uneducated retail traders and investors vs educated ones.

Having served more than 80,000 students with lifelong trading and investing education so far, Online Trading Academy is well placed to research the sub-segment of educated retail traders and investors helping them have a voice to speak up. 

So we are excited to be launching the Online Trading Academy Research Center.  It has never been more timely and we will be quickly ramping up our research surveys, insights and sharing perspectives.  Watch this space over the next few weeks, months and quarters for an increasing stream of valuable insights.

Not least of all, as CliK becomes increasingly developed and deployed over the coming years, our aggregated data diagnostics will become increasingly powerful to triangulate education, analysis and trading data for powerful insights unlike any other.  CliK is a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary, all-in-one trading platform, integrating education, analysis, and trading embedding its rules-based, step-by-step methodology, education, and risk management-focused approach. 

We look forward to helping our student body having a voice, speaking up and joining the narrative.