OTA's October Crypto Corner

Merlin Rothfeld and Cam Kaiser hosted several sessions in our Crypto Investor Live class this past month of October.  Here's a recap of October’s topics!

For those of you with Crypto Investor Live, catch up with a recording now, before they are gone!

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Description & Recording Date

• Surprise Topic – 10/4/2022
• Blockchain Naming Serives  and Start Atlas Gameplay – 10/6/2022
• El Salvador After 1 Year of Bitcoin, Helium 5g Updates, MobileCoin – 10/11/2022
• CPI vs. Truflation - Dapps & DAOs – 10/13/2022
• Ethereum Transaction Censorship - NFT Real Estate – Understanding Liquidity Pools – 10/18/2022
• EVM sidechain adoption, Synthetic CBDC's, Accessing cryptocurrency on a paper wallet – 10/20/2022
• Miner Meltdown, Disruptive technologies, Buying into digital companies with SPACs, Project analysis: Litecoin – 10/25/2022


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