OTA Wins Another Stevie Award

Online Trading Academy awarded a very special honor this year. The 17th International Business Awards® were announced recently and Online Trading Academy took the Bronze for Achievement in Product Innovation.  The International Stevies are open to all organizations worldwide: large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit.  In 2019, the competition attracted more than 4,000 nominations from all types of organizations in 74 nations.  This year, was just as competitive.

Last year, OTA was awarded a Bronze for Technical Innovation of the Year for companies with up to 1000 employees.   New, for 2020, this year’s nomination targeted a wider audience of applicants as companies, regardless of employee base, OTA competed for this prestigious honor.   

This award celebrates recent Achievements with CliK and was titled “Democratizing Financial Education with Revolutionary Innovation”.  The judges were suitably impressed and shared their comments below:

  • “In a competitive space of growing online and mobile training platforms it is truly a breath of fresh air to see a company that focuses on investor education rather than simple enticing the customers to make trades for increased brokerage revenues. The company's purpose along with a well implemented product can help in helping pushing it be a potential market leader or at least a leader in this niche.”
  • “Great example of empowering people with actionable & educational tools. Really innovative and game changing platform."
  • “Excellent work Online Trading Academy.”
Everyone at OTA is very proud of the significant contributions to innovation and the messages of financial understanding and skill building that they strive to impart to prospects and students with programs, facilitation and technologies.  This is a tribute to the founder and CEO, Eyal Shahar, whose vision, passion and willingness to innovate in a climate of uncertainty is boundless!