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Did you know that Online Trading Academy’s content team have been a to-go source for journalists, writers, and media? Our subject matter experts have been quoted in publications such as Forbes, US News, Cheddar, the Mortgage Reports, Business News Daily, and CommPro Biz to name a few. See below for our most recent mentions!


  • Merlin Rothfeld shines light into the shape of today’s retirement accounts and how it’s shifted from investing to saving limiting people’s visions to mutual funds.


  • Fractional investing is allows investors to take part in expensive stocks, but Merlin Rothfeld points out that when buying fractional shares, you’re not buying from the market. Instead, incremental stock shares are purchased from the broker, which can trigger a few unknowns.


  • Experts point to some unconventional investments that will bypass the China trade war altogether, even as they benefit from other news out of the District of Columbia. Merlin Rothfeld prefers commodities because of the likelihood of a weaker U.S. dollar.


  • Tariffs have already taken a toll on our real estate market, in some cases for the better. That’s the belief of Diana Hill. She see's the effect more concentrated on the commercial and building sector than the residential sector. Chinese investors are pulling back on US real estate investments. That could put downward price pressure on some classes of real estate.