Meet Lloyd 'Logan' Boucher

Many of you may know Logan as a multi-asset instructor at OTA, but did you know that in his early career, he was a former MMA fighter in the Bodog Fight League and Elite Fighting Championships? He applies the perseverance and discipline learned in the ring to his trading and investing regimen today. 

Lloyd ‘Logan’ Boucher has been trading stocks since 2000 and moved into Futures, forex and options trading after discovering Online Trading Academy in 2010. In 2011 he became the resident trader at the Vancouver center and in 2012 joined the Mastermind Community as an all-asset class trader!

In 2013 he was asked to present at the Vancouver center which was the start of many. In 2014, Logan trained for and was certified as an instructor for Online Trading Academy and has been an instructor for the academy since.  He has also lectured to over 10,000 traders and investors in various financial seminars around the world.  He’s also worked on the institutional side as a venture capitalist for a few years.  Logan also invests in real estate and owns properties in 3 different countries.

He credits his accomplishments to a strong sense of discipline and perseverance developed in his past career as a professional MMA fighter and earlier as a competitive bodybuilder.

His favorite saying is, “If you refuse to quit you can never fail!”

“The most rewarding thing I gain from being an instructor for Online Trading Academy is the sense that I am having a positive effect on other people’s lives”

Logan loves to share new information and help everyday investors learn about new investing opportunities.

Recently, he hosted a seminar featuring EquityMultiple which is a company that strives to make private-market commercial real estate investing accessible to individual investors.  If you are an OTA student who registered for this event, you may watch the recording from June 15th in My OTA from the OTA Educates – Online tile.  If you didn’t register, reach out to and they’ll provide you with access.  It’s a fascinating exploration of an alternative investing strategy that can help grow your portfolio without having to own properties outright.  And if you’re not an OTA student, we encourage you to sign up for a free workshop at