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Make an Impression & Tell Your Co-Workers How Much You Appreciate Them

Although salary is a factor in one of the best ways to engage employees, more and more studies point to employees feeling valued and appreciated within their workplace as one of the main factors for true engagement to occur. This is important because engaged employees are happier, both at work and in their lives.

“We invest so much of ourselves in our work. We need to know that others notice and appreciate our efforts. It’s more powerful validation than a paycheck alone, and a basic human need,” writes Derek Irvine in his 2016 article, What Do Workers Everywhere Want Most? To be Valued and Appreciated.

One of the best ways to feel valued and appreciated is to create a real and genuine dialogue among employees. This is where the Paylocity Impressions feature comes into the picture.

Impressions is a peer-to-peer social recognition tool offered to OTA employees through Paylocity, a cloud-based payroll and human capital management software solution. Impressions allows employees to support each other through positive feedback at any time, from anywhere. You simply log on to Paylocity, go to Impressions in the Self-Service Portal, and thank a fellow coworker for a job well-done, helping you when you were in a bind, or reminding them that they are valued.

“There is no more effective, efficient way to shape culture, encourage meaningful relationships, or ensure appreciation for a job well done than a social recognition program that encourages all employees to frequently, sincerely and specifically recognize and praise their colleagues for good work in line with company core values,” says Irvine.

Participating in Impressions has an added benefit. Showing appreciation and complimenting individuals is also a great way to help employees become happier and healthier. Studies show that when you either give or receive a compliment, for example, not only does a general increase in mood result, but your immune system gets a bit of a boost as well. 

You can thank oxytocin for this. Oxytocin—sometimes referred to as the cuddle hormone—is released by the pituitary gland in the brain and is a key hormone in feeling loved and appreciated. This wonder neurotransmitter is also a great stress reliever, reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels which can wreak havoc on your body, while also increasing the immune system, which in turn helps keep you healthy.

Bet you had no idea one little compliment, whether given or received had so much power. Pretty cool when considering it only takes a minute of your time to tell someone that you appreciate them or to thank them for their help on a big project. 

What better way for a company that leads with love to spread the love, helping to keep their employees engaged, happy, and healthy.