Instructor Profile - Tim Pesut

Sometimes careers find us in the most unusual ways. Most of us end up in a field we never considered or sought education for, but what's living if you don't allow the winds to change your surroundings every now and then? Mastermind instructor Tim Pesut had an interesting start to his career which began as somewhat of an accident. 


After the passing of Tim's grandmother, his family involved themselves in selling off the estate using the help of Lehman Brothers investment banking company. The broker they hired made a connection with Tim, and helped him get started with stock trading.. Starting out rather strong, Tim was encouraged to become a stockbroker to expand his skillset and work for Lehman Brothers. As a man from humble roots, Tim never really considered trading full time, but he found it more and more exciting with every passing day and eventually took the leap to become a stockbroker. 

Tim had a solid career working his way up. However, as a brokerage employee he was given parameters to work within, and had no concept outside of those.  . He tried trading on his own for two years before the market crashed in 2008, when those parameters failed and he, like many other Americans, was left in deep waters without a floatation device. 

For someone who was previously approaching readiness to semi-retire, , Tim was faced with a hard hit and fell into a bad place. Uninspired and demotivated, Tim had a good friend who brought him to OTA and convinced him to try it out. OTA provided a level of support that Tim hadn't experienced before; with someone always looking over his shoulder to guide him, Tim was hooked onto OTA's education style which gave him confidence and reignited his thrill for the markets! Eager to participate more within the OTA community, Tim became an instructor only a few short years after his introduction to OTA as a student. 

Tim understands the restraints a person can feel when they lack the confidence in themselves to take the next steps forward. Tim is involved with his local Guardian Ad Litem court, which appoints objective individuals to represent minors during custody cases with divorcing parents. The immense responsibility of this effort means that Tim needs to listen to these families closely and help determine the absolute best route for everyone involved. He saw similar patterns of the hindering self-consciousness that many people face when presented with a problem or a risk, and helps them identify possible roadblocks that could be preventing them from taking the leap forward in their decisions or statements. He uses this approach with his students in helping them find the cause for hesitation or self-doubt, recognize it and its implications, and hopefully create a pathway for better learning.