Instructor Profile - Spencer Gorny

How did you become a trader?

I became fascinated with trading at the start of the “Great Recession”. I remember watching the extreme volatility of the markets and being glued to the TV for every bit of news that was released. The irony was that I had been too young to invest real money at the time, so I began simulated trading. It was for the best that I did not trade in a real account during those years, as I had not been appropriately educated in the financial markets. I am very thankful to have started with Online Trading Academy early in my trading journey to learn proper risk management with the goal to not make too many costly mistakes myself.

How long have you been with OTA, and why do you teach?

My OTA journey began in 2014 when I started as a student. After gaining confidence in the education, I joined the team as Student Support Specialist to help others progress on their own path. During that time, I learned how rewarding it is to give back to the trading community by sharing from my own experience. I became an Instructor in the following years and I truly love every moment that I am able to lead a class. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction from seeing a student reach that “lightbulb moment”.

I know you teach Connected Classes (an Instructor broadcasts into the center and the center supports students in the center with a TA Teaching Assistant), where the students attend live in the center and the instructor is delivering virtually with a TA in the classroom for hands-on support, do you see as an upside to these Hybrid classes?

The Connected Classroom is a valuable way for students to experience the Academy’s education. This presents a useful alternative for those who may feel that an exclusively online class is too isolating. These classes allow students to receive the help and support provided by their local center, which is especially useful in the early stages of learning.

 What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

 Honestly, I consider becoming an Instructor with Online Trading Academy as something that ranks in the top tier of my accomplishments. Joining this group of gifted and knowledgeable instructors is an honor and I am grateful to have earned the opportunity.

What is one thing no one would guess about you?

I am a Youth Karting Champion.