Instructor Profile - Bill Addiss

How did you become a trader?

Way back in 1977, as a recent college graduate, I was fortunate to get an entry level job at EFHutton a major Wall Street Firm at the time. Although I started in the operations side of the industry, after a few years, I found myself in the Capital Markets side of the business. Ultimately I spend 30 years with Lehman Brothers and their legacy firms (EFHutton and Shearson), as a Trading Assistant: Interest Rate Futures, Trader:  Bonds, and ultimately Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Fixed Income for the firm. Presently, I am Founder and President of Amherst Financial Training, providing Capital Markets training to Banks, Dealers, Regulators and Asset Managers worldwide.



How long have you been with OTA, and why do you teach?

I began working with OTA approximately 3 years ago, to provide the OTA community with a better understanding of the economy, interest rates, the Federal Reserve and the bond market.



We know that you are a presenter of a Signature Series, what is your topic and do you enjoy teaching the Signature Series?

I have spent 40 years working in the bond market, all of that time at major Wall Street firms, working exclusively with institutional investors.  Years ago, I discovered a love of teaching, lecturing and the classroom environment, so I founded Amherst Financial Training, specifically dedicated to training and educating the institutional investors. My work with OTA is my first experience working with the retail investor, and I have been very impressed with the caliber and commitment of the OTA community to education and learning.


My Signature Series is titled “Bond-Aid”: Understanding Bonds, Interest Rates, the Economy, and the Federal Reserve. What is exciting is these topics are relevant and important to investors and traders in almost all asset categories.


What is your biggest accomplishment?

 3 grown children,


What is one thing no one would guess about you?

I made a commitment to use this pandemic time as constructively as possible, such as addressing “Bucket List” items. Now, after 6 months of labor of love, about to fulfill a dream and move onto a “live aboard” boat on the Chesapeake.