Focus Product Line: Trading Weekly Options

Online Trading Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new product line… Focus Courses, offering short-form courses “focused” on a single impactful concept or strategy, giving our students yet another tool to use in pursuing their goals in trading and investing.

The first of these courses is Trading Weekly Options.  Listen as author Larry Jacobson shares the value of this strategy for Option Traders.


We invite you to experience this ‘must-have’ course for anyone serious about tapping into the potential for active and passive income trading.  You’ll receive unlimited online access to the 6-hour class and 4, 1-hour application sessions that help you apply this step-by-step strategy. 

• Explore the Russell 2000 Index (RUT)
• See how the News impacts Weeklys
• Analyze the Charts
• Set Up Strategies 
• Use proper position size to manage risk

• Follow simple order exit rules



Here’s what students are saying about Larry’s classes:

"Larry Jacobson teaches an Options Income Strategy on Saturday mornings. He teaches a detailed plan that is relatively stress free as you trade because of the risk management focus. I've had some difficulty understanding Options by reading through manuals so Larry's step by step discipline with consistent application of rules and repetition has clarified the materials with many "aha" moments. He has a heartfelt presentation designed to eliminate confusion. This class is another demonstration of OTA's commitment to students that I've experienced since I joined. Always helpful, instructors have detailed knowledge, skill, and abilities that are eagerly shared to support us. We are carried to new levels of understanding as markets change and they adapt to it. Their integrity is truly commendable."- Dena M. - Mar 5, 2022

"The session is so detailed in steps on Entry and Exit, that there is no way you don't know what to do with practice.
The instructor speaks with the right speed and clearly.
The information provided is to help you to be able to do the same thing without the instructor when you actually doing the trade; this is exactly what I want.
OTA and instructor both are the best."

-I-Shing K ._Feb 26, 2022

"Larry Jacobson's Saturday Session was great. He had a complete trade plan with examples that matched OTA core strategy. He talked about trading the RUT options.
Thank you Larry."
- David C. - Jan 15, 2022


Act now and watch recordings of his 6-hour online class from April 26th at 8am PT and jump into the first application session. This is your opportunity to take your Options trading to the next level.  Options Experience Preferred.


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