Education is the Great Equalizer but not all "Education" is Equal

Education is the great equalizer but not all “education” is equal!  In particular when it comes to a trading and investing education of building skill, evolving proficiency and developing confidence.  “Education” is a word that is used by a lot in the financial industry, and similar words like learning and training, as well.  But be careful, not all “education” is equal.  

  • Some education is just informational.  This kind of education tends to be basic information about the financial markets 101, what things are, how things work, when things happen, who’s who and various facts, statistics and trends.  All very interesting and foundational information but not very actionable.
  • Some education is just theoretical.  This kind of education tends to be about basic theories and strategies of how to engage with the financial markets but in a “paint by numbers” kind of way.  All very good but not of much value unless you can practice and gain experience with them in a safe practice environment.
  • Some education is experiential.   This is the kind of education which starts to become more valuable for building a skill.  It facilitates evolving your proficiency through practical application with guided practice.  As a result, we can experience a progression through the complexities of actually doing this in practice. 

Even better to be immersed in a comprehensive community and learning environment in which we can progressively develop confidence through repetition where we can make mistakes and fail safely.  That is the only way to really learn in practice and go on the journey of building consistent, lasting and disciplined skills you can develop confidence in.  It’s about embodying the 3 trading and investing intelligences required. 

  • Intellectually:  IQ – Developing Your Trading and Investing IQ … knowing what you need to know
  • Emotionally:  EQ – Developing Your Trading and Investing EQ – knowing how to manage your emotions
  • Motivationally:  What we call YQ – Developing Your Trading and Investing YQ – knowing why and how to manage your motivation). 

These are the human factors of the learning journey. That is what we do at OTA. In our more than 2 decades of facilitating learning journeys with more than 80,000 students, we are continually evolving what we call our “Compass” program, to facilitate skill building education with the human factors involved.  In our experience over so many years and with so many students, that is the level of education that it takes.  So be careful, because not all education is equal and up to the task of true skill building.  There is not quick and easy fix to learn something meaningful and worthwhile.

For sure, the best way to learn trading and investing would be to get a top tier finance education, perhaps followed by a finance-oriented MBA, be recruited by a Wall Street firm, go through their training and join the elite!  For sure, that would be a skill building education. 

If you don’t have that option, OTA is the best alternative.  Why?  Because we provide a comprehensive and unique combination of 3 Ps and Cs:  firstly our proprietary methodology called “Core Strategy” based upon the fundamentals of supply and demand.  Secondly, our patented technology inclusive of “CliK” which is our platform integrating education, analysis and trading all in one.  It is revolutionary, a first of its kind and progressively award-winning.  And thirdly our powerful learning process which I mentioned called “Compass” which helps students navigate their learning journey with confidence. 

Our relentless commitment to continuous investment in these 3 Ps and Cs combine into a comprehensiveness of skill-building education and OTA being the best alternative to Wall Street.