Both the CME and OTA Launch New Products in 2019

Irvine, CA, September 5, 2019 – Online Trading Academy (OTA) announced today that it would be delivering up to 20 events this year entitled “The Futures of Futures” that will be sponsored by the CME Group. The events provide attendees a deep understanding of the CME’s newest product innovation, Micro E-mini futures, which were launched May 2019. The events also focus on providing OTA students with an overview of the leading-edge futures trading features inside of CliK, OTA’s proprietary education, trading and analysis tool.

The CME Group describes the Micro E-mini futures as a smaller-sized contract that gives all traders a simple, cost-efficient way to access the liquid index futures market. At 1/10th the size of the E-mini contracts, the CME says that the micro E-mini futures offer traders greater flexibility for managing positions as market conditions change, using the contract that best suits their goals, and greater access to liquidity. The four index contracts include Micro E-mini S&P 500, Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100, Micro E-mini Russell 2000, and Micro E-Mini Dow. Micro E-mini futures provide the same benefits of E-mini futures, in a smaller-sized contract.

“We’re thrilled to be delivering these events sponsored by the CME Group,” said Mark Grieco, Vice President of Platform Development at Online Trading Academy. “OTA is the largest trading and investing educator in the industry. CME Group’s aim is to get the Micro E-mini product in front of large groups of active, educated traders so it isn’t surprising that they would choose to work with OTA to help accomplish this.”

Online Trading Academy and CME Group delivered their first event together on May 15, 2019 in Irvine, California. Over 500 OTA students attended and were given an overview of Micro E-mini futures by David Lerman, CME Group Senior Director, Asset Managers Client Segment, who highlighted the benefits that this product offers to traders. Online Trading Academy brought in some of their most popular instructors including Sam Seiden, Merlin Rothfeld, Larry Jacobson and Todd Davis. Attendees provided great feedback on their excitement about OTA’s CliK platform and CME’s Micro E-mini futures offering.

“Our first event working with the CME was a great success,” said Eyal Shahar, founder and CEO of Online Trading Academy. “The Micro E-mini product is positioned to give our students a greater capability to utilize many of the risk management and profit maximization techniques we teach, when trading their equity index futures accounts. This is a great new product the CME has launched, and we’re excited to be introducing it to our students.”

Future of Futures events have already taken place in multiple US cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC, Denver, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.


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