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A Wise Donation

Do you know that not only is homelessness on the rise, one in four homeless adults is an unaccompanied woman? That is 25% of the homeless population.

In line with our mission of transforming lives, OTA has donated ten Dell Computers, mice, and monitors to WISEPlace: a non-profit shelter for women in crisis with the intent to end homelessness.

Located at the old YMCA building in Santa Ana, WISEPlace has transformed the lives of more than 7,800 women. Providing safe, affordable transitional housing, healthy meals, clothing, financial empowerment curriculum and employment assistance, women are given not only the tools and resources needed to succeed on their own, they are given hope. Case managers provide personalized counseling to help each woman overcome issues that led to unemployment and homelessness in the first place giving them the help they need.

Gary Christmas, Thomas Redmond, Jose Nares-Garcia and Jeremy Gregg from IT spearheaded this community giving project.

The women of WISEPlace expressed their gratitude in a Facebook post:

We're so fortunate to have received 10 Dell computers from Gary with the Online Trading Academy to upgrade our old computers in our Resource Lab. The women use the Resource Lab daily for job search, filling out applications, practicing their typing and so much more. Having great computers helps support women rebuilding their lives. We're filled with gratitude! 

And we are happy to help out.

There are many ways to help. If you are interested in contributing time, money or resources please follow the link below: