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CliK is a proprietary education, analysis and trading platform designed by Online Trading Academy exclusively for its students to experience the ultimate integration of our patented strategy and built-in proprietary tools. Designed to help students manage risk and identify optimum trades, CliK sends alerts if they skip steps, or score low on a planned trade set up. CliK is here to make our students’ lives easier by giving them tools designed to make informed trading decisions and learn to navigate the markets with confidence.

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Connect the dots quicker

Unlike other traditional platforms, CliK is intuitively designed to reduce your learning curve. You’ll find all the basic features you need, plus OTA proprietary tools to help apply our patented Core Strategy with better precision.

  • Trade Builder
  • Risk Management
  • Zone Drawing Tool
  • Opportunity Scoring

CliK adapts to you

CliK is synced to our student portal to meet students at their level. CliK’s intuitive design gives new users a simplified interface to help apply our methodology without the distraction of advanced tools and indicators. And for advanced users, our web-based platform gives you the portability to set up a trade on your PC or Mac from home and pick up where you left off.

It’s very clean. Very simple. You get only the things you need to see in front of you.
Nadav PilnickOTA Student since 2016

Trade multiple assets in one

CliK allows you to trade multiple assets with a single front-end interface. Instead of shuffling from account to account, CliK is being designed to permit API connection to multiple brokers allowing for simulated trading with delayed or real-time data. Learn more about our education.

Live trading coming soon!
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Forex

Make educated choices

To inform better decision making, CliK uses an intelligent decision support system to help keep students aligned with their personal trade plan, including risk tolerance, position size, and capital requirements. It’s like having an instructor by your side, helping you develop your skill the right way.

Seeing how fast I’m able to place a trade and feel confident about it...it’s amazing.
Clara LeeOTA Student since 2018

Develop skills

CliK is the first analysis and trading platform focused on skill-building by reinforcing the strategies we teach with the platform you use. It blends OTA’s education and analysis tools seamlessly into the trading experience. Now, students spend less time learning the tech, and more time improving their skill.

Stay focused

Designed to meet you at your level, CliK’s intuitive design lets you focus on the task at hand. If you’re a beginner, practice simulated trades with Trade Builder. More advanced? You’ll find familiar technical analysis tools alongside our proprietary ones right where you need them.

Build confidence

CliK is the only analysis and trading platform that syncs with your trade plan. It incorporates your trade plan and OTA’s actionable education to signal if a trade you are planning might not be in your best interest. It walks you step-by-step through OTA’s patented Core Strategy, helping you minimize mistakes, reduce bad decisions and master the skills designed to help you reach your goals.

The potential is 10 out of 10... This is a phenomenal product and I can see where it's going.
Aaron GrijalvaOTA Student since 2018

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