Why Stop At Investing Education? Online Trading Academy Advances Social and Environmental Causes

Irvine, CA, March 25, 2019Online Trading Academy (OTA), a leader in investing and trading education, is celebrating National B-Corp Month with continual investment in innovative educational tools and resources – all with a focus on providing students with professional-level investing strategies. Additionally, over the past year, OTA has advanced social and environmental initiatives across its locations and operations, reinforcing its overarching commitment and role of being a purpose-driven organization. Love has been a core value at OTA for more than 15 years, and becoming a certified B-Corp was a natural evolution in OTA’s journey.

Organizations earn this distinction from B Lab, a non-profit that awards the title to companies making a positive impact on people and the planet while still earning a profit. Since achieving B-Corp status in 2017, OTA continues to meet the B-Corp performance standards and works to make a positive difference in the world through exceptional financial education and company-wide community service.

“We’re committed to making a positive difference in the world,” said Eyal Shahar, CEO at Online Trading Academy. “OTA works hard to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. National B-Corp Month is a time to celebrate businesses like ours, businesses focused on improving the lives of others and doing good for others.”

Examples of how OTA strives to live up to our valued status as a B-Corp include:

  • By lowering the barriers to entry (educational barriers, the self-confidence barriers, and technological barriers) that come with better understanding the dynamics of the financial markets, OTA strives to improve the lives of an underserved population of people by helping them to learn the skills they need to participate in trading and investing, where they have the financial resources to do so.
  • This, in turn, makes access to the financial markets more inclusive and has the potential to help people achieve financial freedom.
Graph showing growth of OTA franchises from 1997 - 2018

Examples of how OTA strives to live up to our valued status as a B-Corp include:

In their corporate Office located in Irvine:

Environment: OTA makes environmentally friendly choices by purchasing compostable items from local suppliers when possible.

Recycling: OTA works with World Trade Printing for paper supplies, an organization that takes back all boxes, bubble wrap, packaging paper, etc. and reuses them. They also purchase most of their office supplies from another B-Corp: Give Something Back.

Workers’ Professional Training and Education OTA makes environmentally friendly choices by purchasing compostable items from local suppliers when possible.

Locally sourced: OTA’s water supply comes from a local Newport Beach facility.

  • Another B-Corp, Thanksgiving Coffee, a socially responsible coffee supplier, provides OTA staff members with their morning brew.

OTA Franchise Corporation dba Online Trading Academy, is proud to be among 2778 B Corporations in 60+ countries, across 150 industries with one uniting vision of people using business as a force for good ™. The company looks forward to continuing meaningful and exciting work as they are headed towards their next B-Corp assessment in 2020.

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