Online Trading Academy Releases Newly Designed My OTA 2.0 Student Portal

Interactive Dashboard Provides Instant Access and Customized Support

Irvine, CA, January 20, 2018 – Online Trading Academy (OTA), a leader in investing and trading education, announced the release of its newly designed My OTA 2.0 Student Education Portal. The updated, collaborative dashboard provides instant access to courses, resource feeds, calendar and real-time messaging.

“Our new My OTA 2.0 Student Education Portal gives students all the access they need so they don’t miss out on the events and updates so crucial to their education and learning,” said Steve Albin, Vice President of Product Operations. “With these new updates, we hope to provide a ‘go to’ place for students where knowledge is found, skills are built, and resources are right at their fingertips.”

The streamlined user-interface allows for easier and more intuitive navigation. In addition, improvements were made to exclusive areas such as the Mastermind Supply & Demand Zones Grid and the Real Estate Deal Board.

Improved features include:

  • Intuitive Dashboard – Designed with one-click access to both Courses and My Feed to access regularly updated resources including the ability to customize preferences. It features a new section called "Upcoming Events" to keep students on top of the activities most important to them. Also, a new messaging feature keeps users current on important updates to events and activities in and around My OTA.
  • Reorganized Course View – Includes: Step by Step Instructions, Class Dates, Documents, Class Activities, Recordings and self-study videos.
  • Customized Mastermind Supply & Demand Zones Grid – Mastermind students can customize and select preferences when saving any or all of the 35 markets they want to follow.
  • One-Stop Real Estate Deal Board - Whether you are seeking Wholesale, Fix and Flip, Rental or Commercial deals, the 'easy to access' tools and resources make it a one-stop hub for deals students look to find, analyze and close.

All My OTA 2.0 features are available on smartphones and tablets. The new release also offers options for personalized student support and a full complement of support tutorials.

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