Online Trading Academy Honored in the Gramercy Institute's Marketing Awards for its Invest In Your Why Campaign

Irvine, CA, September 24, 2017 - Online Trading Academy, a leader in investing and trading education, has been recognized for its content marketing efforts by The Gramercy Institute as part of the 2017 Financial Content Marketing Awards. OTA won the Best Content Marketing Campaign award in the Personal Investing category for its ‘Invest in Your Why’ campaign. In conjunction with DiMassimo Goldstein, OTA leveraged student stories to showcase the experiences of its students and connect with new prospects in a compelling and authentic way. These stories – ranging from people saving for their children’s education to those planning the retirement of their dreams – were used as the backbone of a comprehensive content marketing campaign that featured a long-form infomercial, email, direct mail and digital advertisement.

The ‘Invest in Your Why’ campaign put students in the forefront, focusing on their personal stories and experiences, from Bill, whose career ended abruptly, but now reports—since he learned how to invest like the Wall Street pros—that he makes a successful living from home spending more time doing what he loves. To Luis, who lost everything after the housing crash, but says with the help of OTA has gained more financial control than ever before and is now able to spend more time with his kids. These stories, along with many other testimonials, became the hallmark of OTA’s marketing campaign, providing a level of authenticity and credibility, where prospects can see themselves in these students.

“We are proud of this recognition, which reflects our commitment to creating the best learning environment for our students and the impact that our trading and investing education can have on their lives,” said Jeremy Nosek, Chief Marketing Officer. “We are driven by the success of our students and this campaign acknowledges their impact on helping to grow our overall community through the social proof they provide new prospective students curious to get an insider’s view of the Online Trading Academy experience.”

As the world’s largest network of senior marketers from leading financial brands, The Gramercy Institute’s annual Financial Content Marketing Awards honor those companies and organizations demonstrating outstanding marketing strategy. OTA and other award recipients will be recognized at a combination award ceremony and financial marketers’ conference to take place at Bank of New York in New York City on September 26th.

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