Online Trading Academy Becomes Fully Transparent About Its Students' Reviews

Prospective financial education students can now see unfiltered reviews and ratings from over 140,000 student experiences

Irvine, CA, August 10, 2016 - The leading financial education company is standing behind its student reviews and ratings: Yes, even the (few) bad ones.

Online Trading Academy, which has 40 campuses across the world, is opening the shades on the 140,000 ratings received since 2002, and including all reviews in one aggregated score available on its website.

All student reviews for the North America and European campuses are included in the aggregated score. Students also have the option of providing a specific comment about their experience to share with the world. Reviews can be sorted by date and filtered for a particular class or campus, and the cumulative rating will change to reflect the relevant scores.

“All education companies promise an unsurpassed experience, but how do we achieve that goal?” said President and Founder Eyal Shahar. “Only people who have actually completed our courses can answer that question. Our new survey system puts students, our most important constituents, front and center.”

OTA has 97% customer satisfaction rating, or 4.76 stars on a 5 star rating scale, with 74% of students providing a 5 star ranking and 23% at 4 stars. But those won’t be the only ones shown.

“If you take the class and write a one-star review, it goes online," said OTA Chief Technology Officer Eyal Marmareli. “We understand our credibility is on the line and we designed the survey reporting to be as transparent as possible.”

The new interface can be viewed at and can also be accessed from the home page and “About Us” page on the website.

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy helps their students take control of their financial future. Their patented Core Strategy empowers traders and investors to make smarter decisions. Students learn under the guidance of experienced traders in a hands-on, learn-by-doing classroom setting with extensive online education resources. In the Core Strategy course, students learn trading skills and then practice trading live, in the classroom, without paying commissions or risking their own capital by using Online Trading Academy’s money.

Online Trading Academy offers instruction from experienced industry professionals, as well as a wide array of beneficial home study materials to supplement classroom study. Over 200,000 investors have experienced Online Trading Academy’s Education with classrooms in 39 locations that include: Brooklyn, Long Island, Ridgefield Park, Phoenix, Irvine, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Norwalk, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Charlotte, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and Milwaukee in the U.S. and international locations in Dubai, London, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, Vancouver and Toronto. For more information, visit:

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