Online Trading Academy Celebrated Epic Mission in Financial Education Excellence with Awards Ceremony for Top Tier Instructors and Centers

Hundreds Gathered From Around the Globe to Honor Award Nominees and Winners for Best Instructor and Education Center in the Online Trading Academy Network

Irvine, CA October 28, 2015 - Online Trading Academy awarded their instructors and education centers during the 10th annual international conference. Award recipients were recognized based on their continued commitment to enriching the lives of individuals seeking financial education and money management skills, a core company vision that was established during the academy’s founding and has since been their Epic Mission.

Kelly Boycks received the coveted Instructor of the Year Award for his excellence and teamwork over the past year. Jeff Manson, a Mastermind Community instructor, was awarded the Mike Mc Mahon Instructor Peer Excellence Award, an award selected by peer instructions in the Online Trading Academy network for his work with Lessons from the Pros.

Other individuals honored were Louise Carr for the North Star Award, Scot Stokes received the the Rising Star Award, and Darek Zelek won the Center’s Choice Award. Jasmine Wang won the the Cyber Star and the Above and Beyond Award. Additional recipients of The Above and Beyond Award include: Rajesh Vora for his work in Mumbai, India, Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson for his “Mental Game of Trading” instruction and Diana Hill for her help in the creation of the OTA Real Estate program.

“The 10th annual international conference was a celebration of tremendous growth and achievement for Online Trading Academy. The focus of the event was the Epic Mission the company has been on since its inception in 1997, to enrich lives worldwide through exceptional financial education, providing financial skills for life,” said Gene Longobardi, Chief Operating Officer for Online Trading Academy. “Key themes of the conference were: innovative education products and resources, an empowering and supportive learning community and the Company's relentless commitment to student success.”

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