Online Trading Academy Releases Keys to Retirement Infographic

Key to Timely and Successful Retirement Is a Portfolio that Generates Consistent Income, according to Online Trading Academy

Irvine, CA, May 26, 2015 - Online Trading Academy’s Financial Matters program released a new infographic that showcases expert recommendations for a successful retirement.

In a recent survey by the Federal Reserve, 31 percent of workers said they have zero retirement savings or pension at all. Online Trading Academy’s training programs put an emphasis on being better prepared for the eventual period in an individual’s life where they are no longer employed and instead choose to live on their savings. The proposed first step is to start saving early and choosing to lump sum invest when the market is in a slump, which maximizes peak earning potential. While these recommendations are contrary to conventional thinking in terms of retirement savings, such unorthodox strategies have assisted thousands of Online Trading Academy graduates in taking control of their personal finances.

Online Trading Academy’s perspective challenges the industry experts who propose maximizing 401(k) contributions without taking into account the expenditure of fees and eventual large tax bill. “Individuals need to get past 401(k) account value and the annualize return of their portfolio. At Online Trading Academy we focus on the amount of guaranteed income that a portfolio can generate for you near retirement,” said Ara Bayindiryan, Financial Matters Specialist at Online Trading Academy. “Students learn how to leverage a multipronged investment strategy to maximize retirement income and create a personalized pension program.”

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