Online Trading Academy Teaches Last Second Tax Deductions

Stresses Surrounding Deadline for Filing Taxes Mitigated by Global Education Center

Irvine, CA, April 13, 2015 - In the days leading up to April 15, 2015, Online Trading Academy offers tips and advice to students and the nation at large on ways to obtain the maximum number of deductions on their tax returns.

Tax Day remains one of the most emotionally demanding times of the year for many Americans, with the American Psychological Association finding money as a top source of stress for adults. Online Trading Academy is offering courses and tips that can help those ranging from stay-at-home parents to high profile Wall Street traders to receive the maximum return possible. Online Trading Academy’s Tax Pros have been featured in media outlets ranging from NewsMax and to a Fox News Business radio tour.

“Whether it’s student loans, paying a financial adviser to review your retirement plan or job search costs, there are a number of ways for people to deduct from the taxes they pay each year,” said Michael Atias, Director of Tax Services at Online Trading Academy. “The development of the Tax Pros program as a part of our Wealth Management education series has helped save students thousands of dollars annually through planning ahead and making the most of potential deductions.”

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