Online Trading Academy Patented Core Strategy Provides Solutions for Financial Security with Potential Rising Interest Rates

Trading and Investing Academy Brings Financial Strategies and Plans for an Environment of Rising Interest Rates

Irvine, CA, May 29, 2014 - Online Trading Academy experts apply the patented supply and demand trading strategy to sustain portfolio stability as predictions of high interest rates take over.

According to, rising interest rates translate into increased borrowing costs for businesses, which reduces profits and slows expansion. When interest rates rose last year, housing starts plummeted along with mortgage applications and other home related items. Rising rates could also create a slowdown in housing, as well as motivate stock investors to take profits off the table, essentially leading to selling stocks, reducing demand, and causing a decline.

A rise in federal rates may not create a stock bubble but instead may pop the existing bubble. To effectively plan for an environment of dynamic interest rates, Chief Knowledge Officer at Online Trading Academy, John O’Donnell, suggests some strategic advice, “If one assumes rising rates are a high probability, one should immediately consider refinancing all debts with rates low as of today, research short T-bonds, buy AMTD and SCHW (online brokers), and buy BAC, JPM, and American Express.”

The patented rules based trading strategy from Online Trading Academy is based on understanding how supply and demand affects the world’s financial markets. The strategy helps identify areas where supply and demand is out of balance and prices are likely to turn.

Power Trading Radio Host and Online Trading Academy Instructor, Merlin Rothfeld, shares that, “From 2003 to 2007, the markets rallied over 100 percent and the Fed raised rates 17 times to slow them down. From 2009 to present day, the market is up over 180 percent and they have not raised rates once.” Rothfeld has planned for the possible rise in interest rates by moving 401K and IRA accounts to cash. “When the market provides signals to open short positions, I will be implementing our patented rules based trading strategy to optimize entries as well as profit potential.”

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