Online Trading Academy Offers Solution to Retirement Planning Confidence

Global trading academy shows how establishing a structured strategy can contribute to financial security

Irvine, CA, February 14, 2014 - Online Trading Academy has affirmed that even in a difficult economy, there is a way to plan for retirement and maintain financial confidence. The key to properly preparing for retirement in these seemingly unpredictable times is to have a clearly defined plan, yet 60 percent of traders follow only rough guidelines or have no strategy at all. Although there are a number of options for learning about trading that can be found through an online search, structured classroom education can have the greatest effect on developing a concrete strategy to prepare for retirement.

Confidence in financial security for retirement has seen a steady decrease over the last several years. According to EBRI, which does an annual survey of workers and retirees from the United States, workers who are “very” or “somewhat” confident in having enough money to live comfortably through retirement has fallen from 68 percent in 2006 to only 51 percent in 2013. A similar drop in confidence has occurred with current retirees, falling from 80 percent to 62 percent over the same span.

“Drops in retirement confidence often occur after recessions and this time is no different,” said John O’Donnell, Chief Knowledge Officer for Online Trading Academy. “Despite the lack of confidence among others, investors can still attain their goals by successfully implementing a trading strategy. Investors should also utilize Online Trading Academy’s patented Supply and Demand Core Strategy.”

Online Trading Academy recently offered a survey to traders and investors about financial confidence. It found that those with the most preparation were more skeptical of the economy overall. Only 11 percent of those surveyed predicted a strong rebound, yet this was the group with the highest outlook of having excellent investment results. Regardless of economic uncertainty, classroom training allows traders to develop a strategy that they can be confident in.

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