Online Trading Academy Educates Near-Retirees About How to Generate Short-Term Income and Manage Long-Term Wealth for Retirement

Global Financial Education Center Gives Near-Retirees the Tools to Manage their Nest Egg and Enjoy their Golden Years

Irvine, CA, December 26, 2012 - With 42 percent of baby boomers delaying retirement, millions of Americans are in search of solutions for how they will be able to live off of their 401(k) savings after they retire. Online Trading Academy educates these individuals about how to take control of their finances and become their own portfolio manager so they have a stable and secure retirement fund.

As of 2010, the average life expectancy in the United States was 78.24-years-old. With the average retirement age at 65-years-old, it could be expected that current near-retirees need to have saved enough money to support them for at least 18 years. Individuals preparing for retirement may not only need a solution to long-term wealth, but also for generating a short-term income.

The ProActive Investor course challenges students to set proper goals to help attain the standard of living they desire and educates them on the how to grow and preserve capital in the good and bad markets. Setting realistic goals and having the knowledge of which markets are a worthwhile investment can help near-retirees prepare for a steady retirement.

“Humans are living longer, so it’s natural to question whether or not enough money has been saved for retirement,” said Eyal Shahar, Founder and President of Online Trading Academy. “We give near-retirees the tools to manage their long-term wealth and generate short-term income so they can prepare for and enjoy their golden years.”

Online Trading Academy’s foundational Pro Trader course provides students with the fundamental trading skills needed for trading in the markets. Skills such as making a plan before making a trade and identifying key market turning points and major moves in advance can give individuals the advantage to generate a short-term income from trading daily in the markets.

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About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy helps their students by revealing the truth about what it takes to become a successful trader or investor. Their core strategy enables traders and investors to identify market turning points before they happen, with a high degree of accuracy. Students learn under the guidance of experienced professionals in a hands-on, learn-by-doing classroom setting. In the Core Strategy course, students learn trading skills and then practice trading live, in the classroom, with Online Trading Academy’s money, without paying commissions or risking their own capital.

Online Trading Academy offers professional instruction from experienced industry professionals, as well as a wide array of beneficial home study materials to supplement classroom study. Over 200,000 investors have experienced Online Trading Academy’s Education with classroom locations that include: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Irvine, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Jose, Seattle, Secaucus, Stamford, Tampa and Washington D.C., plus international locations in Dubai, Jakarta, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Toronto and Vancouver. For more information, visit

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