ADS Securities Joins Forces with Online Trading Academy Dubai - to Promote FX Trading Skills Across the GCC

Irvine, CA, June 11, 2012 - ADS Securities (ADSS) today announced a sponsorship agreement with the Online Trading Academy (OTA) Dubai to provide a range of benefits for existing and prospective Forex traders across the region as part of its efforts to raise awareness and educate the region on FX markets and trading.

The agreement will see ADSS offer OTA Dubai students access to additional information, support and strategy advice as well as special trading rates, when they complete an OTA course. Furthermore, OTA Dubai will be running weekly workshops at ADSS's new, purpose built FX and commodities training centre to provide a free introduction to FX trading for anyone wishing to start their FX investment careers.

Believed to be the first facility of its type to be opened in Abu Dhabi and based at the same location as ADS Securities International Headquarters, the ADS Securities Banking and Training LLC will be dedicated to providing international standards of trading support to investors across the UAE. It will provide instruction on how to trade a range of currency and commodities based investments. International trading gurus, partner companies and ADSS's own in-house trainers will all provide the information required to trade in global markets.

Philippe Ghanem, Managing Director, ADS Securities said: "Across the region most business people have an understanding of how to trade, especially equities - stocks and shares. But very few really understand the FX and commodities markets, which require time and effort to achieve results, but give access to the world's most liquid and tradable markets. Europe, North America, Asia and Eastern Europe are all getting the benefits from trading currency, and we want to make sure that the Middle East has the same advantages and opportunities."

Marc Aspinall, Head of Sales at ADS Securities, added: "Education will be a vital element in the development of currency trading across the region. There is huge interest in trading FX as it is very liquid and dynamic whilst equities and fixed income products are declining or have stalled. However, FX trading requires new skills and techniques; to trade well you need to develop strategies and controls which will allow you to create the profits that you are looking for. For this reason we have joined forces with the region's best training organization to support the excellent service they provide and further empower student traders to succeed in FX markets."

As part of the sponsorship, ADS Securities will provide a trading rebate to all students graduating from OTA Dubai. If these students trade on ADSS's newly launched Prime service which is designed for FX traders who want the best possible standards of service and price, either on the ADSS MT4 or ADSS Trader platforms, they will enjoy reduced trading costs until their entire tuition for OTA courses has been rebated.

General Manager of OTA Dubai, Tareq Abu Hantash, said: "Every day we receive calls and emails from across the Middle East from investors, traders and people who have heard about FX trading wanting to know how they can learn more about and benefit from trading the world's largest asset class. By working with ADS Securities, we can provide more resources, help and support for students coming through the academy and give them the best possible start to their trading career."

The ADS Securities Banking and Training centre comprises three specially designed rooms which can in total hold 60 people. The rooms are equipped for a range of presentation scenarios, with the largest set-up including 25 two-screen trader desks, for in-depth training sessions. The facility is fully supported and will be publishing a full training agenda.

ADS Securities has established itself as the leading GCC based independent trading platform. Regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, it offers prices and spreads normally only available to global institutions to all its traders, including individuals.

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