Female traders in the driver’s seat at Online Trading Academy

An instructor’s test proves women trade as well as men, if not better, using a logical strategy.

Irvine, CA, July 26, 2011 - It’s a common myth that the trading and investing world is dominated by men because women lack the toughness and the mindset needed to succeed. Increasingly, top positions in the corporate financial world are going to females. And at Online Trading Academy, the leading trading education company, the female enrollment in some classes runs as high as 50% or even higher.

According to Sam Seiden, Vice President of Education at Online Trading Academy, there are two key traits that successful traders have in common. They must be able to follow a trading plan without allowing subjective input to throw them off-course; and they need to recognize the power of human emotion in order to exercise self-discipline instead of being controlled by their feelings.

Do men possess these traits more frequently than women? To find out, Seiden offered two of his students, one male and one female, the same trading opportunity. The female had a positive trade performance while the male chose not to enter the trade. His male student had let his emotions direct his performance while the female assessed the details with logic and facts to make a final decision. The differences in trading left Seiden curious and intrigued.

“I had discussions with both the students and the conversations were truly fascinating. They were given the exact same chart to review and were identically instructed on where to buy and sell, yet they treated the trading opportunity differently,” said Seiden.

It’s possible the success of female students at Online Trading Academy is related to the trading method taught in classes. Students are educated on how to quantify supply and demand levels and then correlate this information to human behavior — this is the equation that ultimately determines price in any market. It is based on a very objective and mechanical set of criteria making the goal to learn the strategy and simply follow the rules, leaving out the emotions. And experience suggests that women are at least as successful at learning and applying the strategy as men.

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