Baby Boomers Develop Exit Strategy for Real Estate

Online Trading Academy Educates Students on Preserving Wealth while They Cope with Real Estate Slump.

Irvine, CA, July 08, 2011 - Baby Boomers who want to downsize their homes face a special challenge in today’s slumping real estate market. At Online Trading Academy, they learn strategies that can still help them sell their larger homes at attractive prices, extract maximum equity and move into a smaller home with little or no debt.

Many of Online Trading Academy’s students are at or near retirement age. At 30-plus education centers and online, they learn how to protect and grow the “big bucket” of wealth needed for retirement through a better rate of return combined with risk management. The global trading and investing education center provides courses in futures, options, and ETFs to hedge the loss of home equity.

Online Trading Academy XLT courses combine academic training with live in-the-market sessions — so students are able to learn and practice a topic one day, and then apply it in their trades the next day. These extended and advanced courses enable Online Trading Academy students to genuinely understand the markets and help increase their retirement portfolios. This allows them to comfortably retire and seamlessly trade in their home for a retirement community or smaller option with lower initial cost, property tax and ongoing maintenance expense.

“Our graduates suffered in the housing crisis like everybody else,” said John O’Donnell, Chief Knowledge Officer for Online Trading Academy. “But they had learned skills to offset those challenges through risk management, portfolio diversification and better returns on their other assets.”

Online Trading Academy regularly sponsors free and low-cost workshops at its local centers, where people nearing retirement age can find out how financial education can help them prepare for home downsizing and other changes they face in the years ahead.

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