Project VETS Scholarship for Unemployed Veterans in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. Metro Region Graduates First Student

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Baltimore and Washington DC, March 7, 2011 - The first recipient of a project VETS scholarship completed the initial seven-day class in the Professional Trader curriculum at Online Trading Academy Washington DC in February. Sergeant Lizandro Mateo-Ortiz served 3 tours in Iraq and is currently in treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C., pending his medical discharge from the army later this year.

The Project VETS (Veterans Educated in Trading Skills) Scholarship Program is awarding over $3.15 million in scholarships to no fewer than 150 qualified veterans in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. Metro region to help them discover opportunities to generate income and build wealth in the financial markets in 2011. Project VETS provides scholarships for professional trading and investing education at the Online Trading Academy Baltimore and the Online Trading Academy Washington D.C. Metro.

Project VETS has been designed to establish dignity through self reliance in the financial markets for disabled veterans returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan.

Applications for Project VETS Scholarships will be accepted on a rolling basis until November 30, 2011. "We started awarding scholarships in February. We have obtained full funding for 50 scholarships and are looking to raise additional funds to complete the scholarship fund," states Project VETS Program Manager, Chris Koomey.

Trading the financial markets provides an avenue for veterans with service-connected disabilities to generate an income and gain a constant sense of accomplishment. Trading the financial markets focuses on cash flow through disciplined money management and application of established trading strategies. Trading provides total time control, efficient use of capital and unlimited upside for people with discipline and confidence. Project VETS provides life-long learning in the financial markets for those who sacrificed for our freedom.

Project VETS is an extension of the Online Trading Academy mission to transform lives worldwide through exceptional trading and investing education. Since 1997, Online Trading Academy has provided professional education for individual traders and investors throughout its global network of over 30 locations. Project VETS expands this mission and this assistance greatly by committing significant resources and learning opportunities to select veterans in the Baltimore and Washington D.C Metro region in 2011.

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