Online Trading Academy Offers Personal Trading Plan Course

Plan the Trade, Trade the Plan – The Missing Element to Your Trading Success

Irvine, CA, January 31, 2009 – One of the most overlooked obstacles to trading success is the creation of a trading plan. Most traders miss out on this important part of trading that sets the winners apart from the losers. You must treat your trading as a serious venture; and you must have a plan in order for it to succeed.

Online Trading Academy recognizes this key element and now offers a course focused on this major playing piece for their students. Online Trading Academy is focused on the success of their graduates; therefore created a one-day class that helps mold their students to be the best traders they can possibly be. This hands-on class allows students to get personalized attention as they set up a trading plan that is right for them. The plan gives them a blueprint on how to achieve their financial goals. Not only does a student create a plan unique to themselves, but they also gain a keen understanding of their own trading characteristics. This course is the foundation for the student’s trading plan of today and of tomorrow.

Eyal Shahar, President and Founder of Online Trading Academy, said “We pride ourselves on upholding our school to be to top of its class. We are always looking for ways to continuously improve our trading family’s success and we pride ourselves in offering innovative and important classes for our students. The Personal Trading Plan course emerged to further enforce our emphasis on creating a plan taught in our foundation Professional Trader class; and is a great supplement class to the curriculum we already offer.”

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